The main reason I love Facebook is so I can see how “the other half” lives. I’d estimate that about 60% of my “friends” on Facebook are people I’ve never met or would never want to meet. Some are crazy and some are  just plain “trash.” Such as the woman who posted the below comments. 

From what I can deduce, she is in her late-30s, has an 18-year-old daughter, is divorced (but presently engaged),  and she just gave birth to a new daughter a few months ago. She didn’t graduate college, is Hispanic, and lists her occupation as a “stay at home mom and wife.” Her fiancee has a first name exactly like one of the Jackson 5 (it’s not Marlon or Michael) and works at a warehouse. She drives a yellow 2006 Hummer H2 and the fiancee drives a 2007 Chrysler 300 (he’s looking for new rims, if someone can a brutha help out).

However, the main reason I like this woman’s posts is her crystal-clear lack of an education; she misspells three-letter words, uses poor grammar, and generally comes across as a shining example of American public education. 

Here are the posts:

Baby adventure is crawling… wahoooo.. well wait shes getting into everything she has a floor full of toys and blankets and a mat and somehow finds herself chilling on the tile floor and under my rocker and even went to my dresser and opened my drawer she is a nosey lil monkey… we have our hands full now .. most of the time today she was crawling army style on the elbows … she tt my mom on skype it was priceless…..

As much as baby girl likes to be diaper only… ummm she likes to take it off and today when she took it off herself it was not nice …. guess she was telling me she had a dirty diaper .. ya think…lol…

So the little monkey was crawling today now there are mats allll over the floor but for some reason she loves to find the tile and lay there and smack it … and today she crawled right out of her jeans guess they were a little to big lol..

The little monkey just laid down whooo I’m tired we so need a bigger house she needs her own playroom for all these toys.. hope something comes along soooonnnn….

Paws to help has some puppies they brought from GA and saved from the gas chamber check them out ..

My big girl is 7mo today wow its flying bye….

Baby’s kidney Dr apt tomm lets hope its good news.

Perfect to protect ur iPhone I touch [referring a kid’s phone case]

Laying on the floor watching our baby crawl all over the place … she is so funny she’s saying dadadadada because hubby just went to a meeting LOL ….

When she was little my two girls 7mo and other will be 18 on 27th wowweww anxiety kicking …

So baby is off antibiotics and looks good so far they will ck again in 3mo

Ya that 7 mo of antibiotics was rough … I just have to keep an eye on her that she doesn’t get a uti …so fever irritable etc since she is so good that should be easy to watch for

Really I’m watching wounderpets the lil blowfish preschool version where the baby’s scared of pre school and the moms signing to the baby and I’m balling LOL LOL wow ….

my baby girl is so smart yesterday i showed her how to put her ping pong balls in the cup dump it out and put them in again shes been doing it all day then i showed her a button to push that lights up her toy so shes sitting there just pushing the button and laughing .. and please tell me she has 110 toys and she proceeds to pull the tiles apart on her mat that is under 3 blankets … im just goin got buy her pots and pans and straws and a play mat and she wont need the 110 toys that are taking up my living room .. but because she says dadadada daily she gets anything she wants lol..

I have the most wounderfull hubbbyy in the world he lets me stay home to nurture and enjoy our daughter everyday…I’m so blessed and we are going to see grandma in 10 days LOL LOL …

The baby is sooo funny her new thing is when im talking to someone and holding her and she wants my attention she puts her face infront of mine and smushes her nose up to my face to block me from talking and laughs… lol… what a booger..

omg watching tivo and can he please send this wackoooo home ….ughhh [She was watching “The Bachelor”]

Anyone season ticket holder for marlins? ??

Im trying to get yankee and marlins on april 1st are you going if not i would buy your tickets hubbys a huge yankee fan

baby been soo cranky could not figure out why … just let her bite my thump and ouch now i know why theres a shart tooth down there lol…poor thing

this is for a friend anyone have a i phone for sale….


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