My New, Craziest Female Facebook Friend, Part 1

For some reason, my old Crazy Female Facebook Friend hasn’t been posting as much as I (or you) would like. So, I went out and got a new one and she’s even more “X-Files, bat-shit crazy” than the old one. 

From what I can deduce, she’s in her late-20s; she lives with her ‘rents; she isn’t that “experienced” in life…yet she calls herself a “goddess” and a “priestess.” And she preaches to others. She’s also really, really, really into her menstrual cycle–as in, “celebrating” her periods with “red tent” ceremonies. Additionally, she enjoys painting with her scrawny body and participating in group hugs. Her parents–particularly her father–don’t seem that impressed with their little princess’ course in life, either. Recently on Facebook, she changed her last name from her real one to her middle name. 

Whatever the case, she makes for some extremely entertaining reading…

Posts from June 4th, 2012 to July 15th, 2012.

Hot tub and cord cutting ceremony tonight. We will burn the relationship ties that no longer serve us. Followed by cuddle party.
For those us who love hot tubs, ceremony and are touch obsessed like me- welcome home.


SO! I am reposting a movie that was VERY CONTROVERSIAL!
🙂 I posted this movie on a forum with a lot of mothers- and women called me a “whore.” (40 plus comments on one video)
Now that I have more of you GODDESSES on my page, I’d love to hear what you think xxx
I HAVE A Rebuttal video too! “Mothers being sexual is taboo” that I will repost above this one.


I have written and spoken about WHY we are all priestess. Besides the fact that it is in our DNA, besides the fact that it is in our collective consciousness… I SEE IT EVERY DAY when I am with you. You know the information. Maybe in a broad sense. But I can tell you know it by your interests and the acts you do.
I have stripped on a stripper pole with you AND gone to Doula Midwifery training with you (together). You have come with me to the Red Tent, and you remember giving your blood to the earth. I have seen you do your own spells. You use your intuition to create MAGICK. Goddess magick is different than another other “witches.” It comes from her womb.
A goddess knows sensuality more so than any other being.
You know ECSTATIC EXPRESSIVE DANCE like its your back hand. Contact improvisational dance. Massage. You know ART more vividly than any GOD. You know sexuality as your divine right as Priestess, bur more than that you KNOW you are the the guide. You are shakti initiating Shiva, your consort and lover.
The moment I recognized we are all Priestess, was at our Dance of the 7 veils event when you ladies stripped off your clothes in ceremony- embraced your beautiful bodies- and sensually danced for all of us. And then you naturally spoke about your children. We all spoke about going to doula training together.
Death came up as well. Some of you are drawn to working at hospice.
You tell me you WANT to know the priestess work. YOU KNOW IT already.
I have Radar I call “goddess -dar” – rather we are all “Priestess-Dar”. I can spot you miles away. You glow! Your love lights up a room.
I believe all goddesses species come from the planet Andromeda. You are completely perfect for our ascention.
Fellow Priestess. Invite your sisters to come together for the Red Tent on New MOON. Remember the ancient days. Channel what is now and what is happening in the future. Claim your connection to the moon cycle. Claim your womb!!!!
A womb-man has the ability to create life! YOU are the portal to the divine realm. You are the divine realm now.
All my love,
Priestess [name redacted]
Let’s remind the men that they are the sacred masculine and let us teach the children.


I thought that ascension meant out and up. OUT from my body and up through my crown. All is Light and LOVE.
For me on this venus transit ascension means IN and OUT. IN my body and out horizontally. all around touching everyone.
No more hierarchy. No more judgement of good and bad. I “be” me. And its good. Light and Dark is actually RAINBOW.
I like Phoenix for the first time in years. “Sedona is light.” “Phoenix is Dark” Just one example of what is now… Rainbows……
That right there is amazing. Witches and Muggles are one together- Rainbows 🙂
And I love you Phoenix friends. I really, really love you [redacted] and [redacted] forever.


I’ve been pretty “PG” in speaking about the Priestess Work. I’ve told you the basics.
Components to the work:
Conscious sexual Practices – (the entire spectrum including sexual energetics and sex magick)
Conscious Birthing
Conscious Conception
Death “work”
Menstrual Blood “work”
Moon Cycle tracking
Ecstatic and Expressive Dance
Expressive Art
Nurturance based circles….
I can describe all of these topics in detail. Plus what is coming up in this new paradigm. For example WE ARE ALL PRIESTESS! We just need to Remember…
I feel drawn to share with you some of the mysteries.
How many different types of Priestesses are there?
How do the traditions differ?
What is Dakini work? What is Dakini work today, compared to the ancient ways?
Is it energetically safe to have sex on my menses?
What is the difference (energetically) between moon blood sex and otherwise?
What is sex magick?
Can I perform sex magick on my blood? What happens?
Why do I feel depressed the next day after making love to some men, and less depressed with others?
Do condoms help with energetic attachments?
What is “Sexual Energetics”? How and why would I “cycle” energy?
My moon cycle is irregular. What are reasons that this can be?
I have pain during intercourse, I don’t have my menses, I have various reproductive problems. What are factors for this?
What is Orgasmic Birth? How does it work?
Is conscious conception important? and why?
How do you do Yoni Printing? And how is that healing?
What is Expressive Art and Dance? How is it Priestess work?
Why are all wombmen (and men) Connected to the moon cycle? ( UE, and planetary cycles too)? Why is it important?
What’s the deal with birth control from a conscious perspective? Pros? cons?
What is PMS! From a spiritual perspective?
Why do wombmen get angry, mean or depressed?
I feel drawn to work at Hospice. Why is that?
I feel drawn to be a stripper. Why is that?
I feel drawn to do Doula (Midwife) Training, Be a Stripper AND work at Hospice (haha). Am I crazy?? Why is that?!
And of course, How do we begin to remember
WE ARE ALL Priestess!!!


I have to say…
When you get to that point in which MAGICK is your main identity.
When you get that point- when people ask you your profession is and you say…
” I’m a Rainbow Mermaid Priestess and Guide of the Goddess Species to remind themselves of their highest vibration, so we may influence the men and teach the children.”
When your favorite time of the month is your blood time.
And you are now excited by those five extra pounds because you’ll have more curves during your naked photoshoot…
When you get to point in which you, as a past sexually oppressed woman, are now guiding the love making sessions by example.
When you get to the point in which you inspire your friends to have ceremony and dance naked under the moon light.
When you choose to paint with your hands rather than a paintbrush… When you choose to paint with you YONI! Rather than a paint brush…
When you get that point in which you’ve trashed “truth” and made it up for yourself. In accordance with Divine Energy…
You’ve got it!
And If life isn’t your playground, then you are missing it.
It’s good to be alive
We’ve finally understood our place here on earth


Gods and Goddesses!
Please watch this VIDEO!
In honor of Venus Retrograde-
Our Dark love sign which we entered May 15th.
Should I explain why my work is a path to consciousness?
I have over 100 videos and notes on my Facebook profile speaking about the- New Paradigm
– The Goddess “species”
– Sacred Sexuality
– Priestess and Dakini work
– Red Tent (moon blood)
– Orgasmic birth
– How to create women’s gatherings in your area
– Expressive Art and Movement
– Women’s Empowerment
-Men’s Empowerment
– Breaking Taboos
– The Women’s Mystery School
– And of course, EXACTLY Why we are Priestess!
Check it out!
[name redacted]
We are Priestess. We just need to remember
Transcending takes you out of the body.
In my opinion, Ascending brings you INTO your body. So you may expand yourself as LOVE outward and follow your body’s determined path to enlightenment ♥
Happy Venus Transit and Return of the divine feminine energies.
SOMEONE who is accepted as a FB “Friend” is REPORTING my photos and movies!
My “return of the goddess” video (me paint dancing) was flagged and removed from my photos.
Friend… GRAWR! Sensuality is beautiful! And my body is divine!
Annie Sprinkle’s Amazing World of Orgasms DVD showed a clip of a “Midwife of Death” speaking about orgasm while spirit leaves the body.
The ancient Dakini is a priestess who holds space for the body as it guides itself to the divine realm (sky realm).
She is a sky walker who knows the movement of energy in space.
How does the body guide its self to the divine realm?
In death, giving birth, birth and sex
During Death the body guides itself to the divine realm.
During Orgasm the body guides itself to the divine realm.
During Birth the soul body guides itself FROM the divine realm to the physical body realm.
In giving Birth the body opens up to the divine realm.
NOTE: The Foundation of Priestess (Dakini) work:
Love is the merger between two objects. When “falling in love” one opens himself completely to this merger. In “LOVE” we know the divine within ourselves. In Orgasm “Light” we know the divine in all.
The spirit of the Dakini is not tied to any specific period. Today most of the texts on “dakini” are tied to Tantric Buddhism and Eastern Cultures. But the term today is used in the Neo-Tantra and Western Tantra community as a sexual healer.
While studying the ancient Dakini, I recognize her as a subset of Priestess. The “sky dancer.” All Priestesses from various cultures have the purpose to hold space for the body as the body guides itself from the earth realm to the sky realm. (Light, LOVE). Ensuring it is in alignment with universal energy.
Unlike what is practiced today in Neo Tantra “Dakini” does not begin and end with sexual energetic work. The Dakini work includes Sex work, Death work, Birth work… but this too is just the tip of the ice burg.
Wikipedia Writes “Dakini”.
Dakinis are energetic beings in female form, evocative of the movement of energy in space. In the Tibetan language, dakini is rendered khandroma which means ‘she who traverses the sky’ or ‘she who moves in space’.
She is the Sky Dancer
The foundation of Priestess and Dakini work is understanding that
Everything is LIGHT AND LOVE! As described in this movie. (And my many others.)
Using sex as an example:
When we come together we merge in love. In Love they then dissolve in orgasm (LIGHT). The bodies merging is a microcosm of the macrocosmic movements of the universe. (Universal energy).
Follow me? You can message me if you don’t. Anyway…
Light represents the “sky realm.” The Dakini is known as skydancer- because the dakini holds space for the body as it guides itself from the earth plane to the sky realm.
(Note: today we have the consciousness to know the sky realm or ONENESS just through meditation. But the Dakini’s role is the same.)
Again a Dakini can see the “movement of energy in space.” The Dakini’s may see sexual energetics with in the body. She may also see energetic blockages. The reason she sees these blockages is because they may hinder spirit on its path. Spirit is on a mission to “do” things in accordance with the Universal Energy grid. The Priestess reminds the body to keep things flowing.
The Priestess may activate shakti (spirit) within the body through various techniques. For example cycling sexual energy…
***Please note that the Dakini and Priestess never “does” anything to the body. The body is a divine entity and knows the way to “the sky” innately. The Priestess merely holds space for the body and ensures that external and internal conditions are appropriate so that it is in accordance with universal energy.
Besides knowing the energetics within the body, The Priestess or Dakini sees the movement of energy within the infinite around her.
All human bodies are connected to a universal energy grid. This grid is connected to the “samsara cycle,” spirit’s path, our purpose on earth, the collective network and so on. The Priestess holds space for the body to merge and divine in accordance with the grid.
Does this make sense?
Some of you may say “THIS IS NOT DAKINI WORK!” And I’ll say, labels are labels. I know a path to healing the wounds we have created by unconscious behavior. Utilizing the practices I have described above, plus many more I have not spoken about, we may heal any non-alignment with the UE grid and become emotionally, physically and mentally healthy in the process.
“the wisdom dakinis have special power and responsibility to protect the integrity of oral transmissions.” So here I am. Transmitting to you the knowledge of the earth and the sky. And our system we agreed to for being her on earth.
[name redacted]
We are all Priestess, we just need to remember.
Dearest SEDONA Community and Family!
We crave more community events!
Ravenheart of Sedona! 7 Centers! Green House! ChocolaTree! Light Body Fitness! Java Love! All of you LIKE MINDED Businesses….
Let’s COME TOGETHER to create Utopia
We invite you to Sunset Park Friday, JUNE 15th at 6:30pm
Please watch the video attached for more details!
I love you
[redacted] and all Sedona Family
 — at Arizona.
I would like help brainstorming “What would a VAGINA do?”
The evolution of my life is to understand that me “being” is my greatest gift to humanity.
May I trust that what I “do” is truly a reflection of me “being.” and may my ecstatic glow envelope all.
Off to guide our barefoot boogie! And Improvisational dance space. Let’s just be LOVE and dance!
MY KUNDALINI RISING LOOKS LIKE THIS making love to a snake ♥
In alignment with my spirit, my soul says:
LOVE! MAKE LOVE! EAT delicious food with PLEASURE!
Connect with your body and dance! Do art. Express yourself! Nurture each other.
Live ECSTATICALLY and with vigor. Abandon…
Rainbows are everywhere ♥ In correlation to the waxing and waning mermaid moon.
My friend on Facebook called me a “Virgin Whore.” She saysI speak overtly about sexuality on Facebook yet also speak about discernment.
I display half nude photos on FB as forms of me showing my authentic nature.
I also speak about stripping for empowerment.
Listen to this Audio!!!
I love you!
We are all Priestess
BREAK YOUR TABOOS!!! and wake up ♥
My friend says I talk about sex more than any guy he knows.
Well… why aren’t we talking about sex? We are all having sex. Likely many of us are having unsatisfying sex.
And sex is the most healing, most potent, more satisfying path to consciousness we have.
Maybe this is why I speak about sex. Sex is a portal to GOD. If we do it “correctly”… and by “correctly” I mean with deepest devotion and understanding of its potency…
I speak about sexuality from many perspectives.
1) From the “priestess” perspective.
(Sex is a path way to Oneness and knowing GOD.)
2) From the western societal wounding perspective.
3) From the pleasure perspective.
4) From the sexual energetic perspective and how sex has the ability to clear our energy channels and raise kundalini energy.
5) From the “LOVE” and merger perspective
6)From the “Break the taboos!” perspective
And so on…
When my friend said “You speak about sex more than any guy I know” I responded “well I don’t JUST speak about sex! I speak about all paths to consciousness.”
Which is true. I speak about….A LOT! Mostly in relation to wombmen’s empowerment and creating our utopia for the new paradigm.
However, why did I feel a need to justify that?
SEX has a stigma. And in this “new paradigm” we all speak about– that stigma is gone.
To Yoni Butterflies and Penis flowers (If you’ve seen my old posts you’ll know what i mean)… It’s time to know love as love.
So funny. I’ve been getting requests from men collecting wombmen from the “tantra” community. NO! I’m not a collection piece 😉 Nor are any of they.
Dearest Wombmen,
My fellow empowered goddesses.
Do you have Cystic Ovaries, Endometriosis, No menstrual flow, HPV, Cancers, Pain with intercourse?
So many of us do! And its OK!
I work (live and love) as a womb coach. If you have these ailments Please contact me.
I speak from a perspective no doctor understands.
-Are you giving too much?
-Are you living by other’s guidelines and rules?
-What do you desire for your beautiful life?
***Speak up! Love and nurture yourself!
Please listen to this audio for details!
Spread the word because It’s time to expand beyond “medicines” and reconnect to our body.
Journal with your womb! Tell me what you find.
I love you!
We are all Priestess
Love Priestess [name redacted]
P.S. Two years ago I had HPV, Cystic Ovaries and No menses. Without cleanses or medicines I’m clear now. It takes work, but mostly it takes a change of perception.
Every Goddess desires her GOD
Every Priestess desires her KING

Many of my male friends associate the masculine with a patriarchal gruffness. Men are aggressive, dominate women and not connected to love/ light.
This is not true.
The sacred masculine is stability, strength, love, nurturance, trust, support, driven to help others, and has an open heart. He is the caretaker, the hunter, the craftsman and the noble warrior.
When the feminine is upward creative force the masculine is grounding.
When I am scared, lonely and need comfort the “god” principle keeps me safe.
Mens groups are forming around the world. These men’s circles gather to remind themselves of their sacred brotherhood. They preform rituals and reconnect to their masculine nature. They realize that love does not come from loving their women, it comes from loving themselves. As men.
I love you!
We are all doing, doing, doing, doing so much… yet are we really manifesting our bliss?
What if “being” is our soul purpose?
Wow! Stress relieved!!
I’m a rainbow bird mermaid Priestess here to just be! So I “be” the change I want to see.
How To Date A Goddess Wombman
Dear men, There are many kinds of women. Each type- New Agers, Hippie chicks, yoginis.. whatever category you connect to — has it own energetic vibration.
Goddess Wombmen, for example, are the most seductive and the most empowered wombmen in the world. They love their body. They live in their body. And they fully express their divinity through their sensuality. It is her nature to do so.
If you are a man interested in dating a goddess, be fair warned, she is Kali- Aphrodite. As Aphrodite the goddess of love she will envelope you with kisses and juicy sexual practices. She will glow and you will be in awe of her glow. But , because she is Aphrodite, her love will span beyond you. If she wants to be sexual with a man, this is her perogative. She cannot be contained by any man– her “containment” is only found in her deep devotion to her guides’ voices and her connection to spirit.
Her Kali is cutting through your illusion of what a woman “should” be. A goddess is never “your” woman, but this goddess will bow down at your feet if you display to her you ARE the sacred masculine.
Kali takes you on a journey to discover your own sacred masculine potential. When goddess Kali shows you her dark moon, hold space for her. She will challenge you to become Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, Shiva…
She will cut away your beliefs that “This is how women are” in regards to the old paradigm.
All a goddess knows is love without abandon. She believes in living by emotional nurturance, support, ecstatic and sensual dance, and sacred love making.
To date a Goddess, you must be sensual, support her independence, allow her to love freely, and honor her sacred sexual dance.
The God/dess knows that Sacred Masculine men are equal, and the counterpart to Goddess Wombmen.
To be clear, if you’d like to be with a goddess, you must be GOD.
If I have tagged you. YOU ARE GOD. I LOVE YOU. And I am blessed to be a goddess in your presence.
Priestess [redacted]
We are ALL Priestss
My money policy is:
LOVE EXCHANGE is the ultimate exchange
Pay what you are empowered to pay in cash. If you have the money, please pay the full amount. Money is love and supports me so I may support you 🙂
If you cannot pay the full amount please contact me prior to the service. We will agree upon a money exchange that is empowering for both us.
My usual exchange is:
Pay some money and do an art project, write a letter, a poem, paint, do something crafty representing your connection to LOVE, your womb, your empowerment, your community…
Art feeds my soul and nurtures me. Let it nurture you too. You are always supported!
I apologize to everyone I have not written back to! I was on vacation. Now I’m on a Facebook vacation to focus on me 🙂 i will make movies and answer those amazing messages after my processing. We’re all on our journey!
We’re all divinely connected.
In the process of another vagina explosion painting… Those are yoni prints up top.
I feel anger expelling from my solar plexus so I took red and mirrored what I’m feeling on canvas. It is turning into the rising phoenix with vaginas, (representing rebirth) exploding from the head. It’s absolutely not finished but im going to write all around it things that are “controlling me” that I now break free from. Tuesday is new moon and I will burn this piece in a Bon-fire with my best friend who is currently on her moon time. It will be a potent Red Tent.
I had a comment… “Woah” as in a negative reaction- in response to my kali-ma expressive art below.
Holding space for the light and the dark is very important to me. Showing my emotional flow means loving my emotional flow. I see no hierarchy between my light and my dark… tho obviously I struggled with this same conondrum because its voiced in my painting.
I was actually told it id in my astrology to “teach” the non-duality between light and dark. My many scorpio planets show I came into this earth as a wounded healer, and the only way we can heal our wounds is by loving our wounds.
So- to be honest the “woah” caught me by surprise. When I see someone express this way so openly I think “thank you so much for loving all parts of you.”
Obviously we all go through our ups and downs. And actually, the painting below isn’t a down at all. It’s a processing…
I support my friends crying fully when they want to cry. Screaming at the top of their lungs when they want to scream. Dancing ecstatically when they want to dance. And for me below, painting with my hands and my yoni then tearing it a part to express my inner confusion.
Facebook is me being witnessed. Hiding does not heal me. It only makes me feel that there are parts of me need to be hidden. And why do we believe we are not supported?
I love you,
It’s that time again…
Every new moon I remind us of the “Menses Mysteries.”
Our Wombmen’s Mystery school.
It’s the “return of the Goddess.”
Let’s connect with our beautiful bodies and honor our natural cycles.
I have made many audio recording recently on The Return of the Goddess, The Sacred Masculine (The return of GOD), New Paradigm Money Exchange, Community Living, the Body, Ecstatic Practices as a Path to consciousness…
Turning an audio into a video is a pain in the butt!!
So… I’m not posting most of them haha.
Unless someone can help me with my social media??!!
I’ll pay you!
YAYAYA! Yoni Prints! Printing our vulva’s heart, flower and butterfly for empowerment. ♥
AW i remember this. One of the last days of burning man. I tried my fire hoop for the first time that night! 2010! I’m the chicky in the black bra and underwear the the rainbow LED hoop. I’ve gotten better 🙂
My affirmations today:
My messy home, non-linear existence is a sign of creativity and needed to create the utopia I speak for
I love my very smart mind that accepts everything it knows is changing…
I am fully supported by the universe and my intuition
I live by my body process and my body wisdom
I breathe fully every day, every moment
I trust fully that being completely in my body I know peace
I surrender to my mind processes and transform negative thoughts into positive constructive thoughts ♥
And so it is
I AM ANGRY! kasjdfoihewa! 😉
I read a quote the other day. It goes something like… Being angry at someone is like poisoning yourself to make the other person die.
So what do I do when I’m angry at myself?? I guess it’s the same thing.
Right now I want to explode, beat myself up… or beat someone else up to represent me.
I wonder how many times I’ve been angry at myself and exploded on someone else. All the little thing bothers me right now. You are breathing WRONG grawr! (And no I’m not PMS ing. That was last week…)
It’s all in my mind. OF COURSE.
Be perfect! Be successful! O! you failed again! Again! Again!
How many times do you fail today? 20 plus times.
At the moment I’ve decided part of my career is to role model. A “soul coach” to those struggling with societal norms and emotional upheaval.
But…if I’m a soul coach can I express I’m “fucked up” in a way my clients can see?
Here’s what I think:
A soul coach NOT expressing herself, is an “old paradigm” way.
I see support groups being the future therapy. As the space holder, I express myself too.
Pure, honest emotional expression is the key connection to my creativity. And it is how I receive my support.
Emotions, sexuality, nurturance, creativity…. These are all connected to each other. Our second chakra (in which these elements live) spurs kundalini energy.
So….how do I want to conclude this?
For one… I’m still angry. Mostly because I have not digested the fact that I’m STILL being supported by my parents as I prance around naked writing notes about Utopia. Brainstorming my big business idea to change the world.
My A type- Boston University- Socialite personality has not changed- it’s only been transformed into a more hippie version of Free love and support for all who cannot pay for my events! (Which is why I’m blessed to be supported by my family- yet very angry that I haven’t made millions at the same time. )
The other purpose of my note is that I love reading that other people are dealing with the same shit I am.
No one has it “ figured it out.”
Yet I still want to figure out something. Like- loving myself while I express my free love & support for everyone!
I LOVE my emotional expression in its extraverted way- Yet I also want to see destroying my house daily with paint, clothes, dishes as a part of the “artists way.”
I want to figure out this “success” thing being attached to money. And loving money as a beautiful exchange. And something I deserve! While still welcoming my family who does not have it.
WELL! To challenging norms and being me.
I love you .
Priestess [redacted]
We are ALL Priestess
OOOOOO! On a completely separate note. Two days after filming my “Ode to the sacred masculine man.!” I FB messaged my male friend.
“GRAWR! Mens suck!” (I had a day of frustrating experiences in which 3 men assumed I’m a free loving, open sexual goddess… if you know what I mean.
HEY! you reader…don’t tell me to stop posting sacred sexual empowerment posts to stop this… I’m still advocating for the sacred masculine man.)
ANY WAY my point…
He replied angrily… “Well thank you very much Miss Enlightened Goddess who proclaims she knows all!”
I NEVER said I know all. I do not wish to give you the illusion that I live on a cloud of love and light and ultimate maturity. I just express myself exactly as I’m feeling right now. Right or wrong imperfection is a skill. And I can only be as I am. Right now.
[redacted]! Muah. Xoxo

If you haven’t seen the sacred masculine video. Here it is ☺ I think its lovely and I hope you do too. xoxox

Someone asked me if I’m a hedonist:
a person whose life is devoted to the pursuit of pleasure and self-gratification.
I said no. Even though I’m not sure if I am a “hedonist” or not. In that moment I felt hedonism is a “bad” thing.
The same way- when someone called me a witch for the first time. I said No!
O! I’m definitely a witch. yet the term witch hit a negative cord because of past stigma…
Anyway- im Still undecided on the hedonist “label.”
Pleasure is a blessing. And I want as much pleasure in my life as possible!
A life in pursuit of pleasure and self-gratification sounds lovely.
I imagine myself as a mermaid sitting by Bacchus eating grapes and wine, indulging in sensual pleasures…
Society in general has a hard time digesting the “glutony” of living in the pursuit of pleasure. This may be because society needs structure and 9-5 workers. And living for pleasure is anything but.
My number one “marker” for being on path is expansive happiness. If I’m not happy, something is wrong. Many of us are unhappy because we surrender our pleasure for someone else’s pleasure.
I’ve said this before. We are here on earth to be selfish and focus on our wants, needs and desires. We are also here to indulge our senses. To love eating and mating and smelling and touching and tasting…
So, why wouldn’t my life be devoted to the pursuit of pleasure? If that’s why I’m alive….
Wikipedia also says that hedonism is striving to maximize total net pleasure (pleasure minus pain) which seems wonderful. We all need to experience light and dark in equal measures to grow and expand 🙂
I wonder- how many “not pleasurable” things do we endure because someone told us we should? Because its the “good” things to do?
I need this so and so job because I have to pay the bills.
I need to be a housewife because my husband works all day to support me.
I can’t move to another city because I don’t want to uproot my kids.
I want to eat ice cream but i need to eat these greens instead
These are universal not pleasurable activities we do -because we believe we (ourselves and others) will be happier in the future if we do these things.
In the mean time (the present) we’re miserable and yearn to do something else.
“Good” to me is living daily in a pleasurable state. Again, if I’m not happy I’m not living on path.
I’m very spiritual, so i believe that if spirit didn’t want me to move my kids to a new city- I wouldn’t be so drawn to do so.
I also believe that if I crave ice cream its because my body wants ice cream. And if I eat ice cream now, it’ll likely crave greens later.
No one needs to be a housewife or further more stay in a marriage because they have kids.
No one needs to go to any old job to pay the bills.
The world always supports us when we are on path.
So, back to hedonism.
I live by pleasure. I go off “living by pleasure” all the time. And then I spend a week or two getting myself on track.
Getting us on the pleasure train isn’t easy if we’ve lived our life pleasing others.
Martyrdom is silly.
Why be selfless when we have so much selfish work to do!
I believe spirit supports us as we live our pleasurable life. And the universe supports us as we drop our yucky job, divorce our husband, move to a new city, eat gooey food, take a nice nap in the sunshine instead of cleaning our house.
These are my thoughts.
Hooray to being alive! We are here to orgasm and eat lots of chocolate. 🙂
I love you
So this is why I came to Sedona? To watch “She’s all That” on my laptop and puffy paint cardboard cut-out butterflies with penis flowers and more butterfly vaginas….And of course flying naked goddesses in rainbow colors.
Yes! (Let’s make love with tender love and care.)
I also went to Prescott for some TLC- And tomorrow I’ll go to Flagstaff. Though I don’t know why…
So you know- I’ve been guided to carry my moon blood with me (yes, I’m a RED TENT Blood priestess).
As I travel I share my life with the mother.
As the earth feeds us, so we feed her. And this is my way of giving thanks. This is my time for prayer.
Spirit leads us on adventures for the little things…
A few days ago I felt a need in my stomach. It said GO! GO! So I went. I always go…. That’s why I’m alive.
I feel a vacation to watch “She’s All that” and then puffy paint vagina butterflies is how I remember “the point of life.”
We are an inspiration “just being” unique beings.
I want to pleasure myself every day. Though art and love and touch and sunshine and rain. barefoot walks in the mud. Puffy Paint. I love puffy paint.
Spontaneous travel. Good friends.
Tonight is not a picture of the puffy paint pictures I made tonight… but it has a similar feel. My birth name is Jessica.
Dearest Gods and Goddess. To lingam flowers and yoni butterflies. To dancing naked under the moonlight to claim our authenticity. To lots of chocolate and imperfection.
I like it.
I love you
A woman came to the Red Tent and told me she does not feel well because she is on her moon time.
I said “Congratulations!” She responded, no one has ever said that to me before…
And her sickness was gone.
Was your first menses a celebration? Did your mother take you out of lunch and congratulate you on being a woman? Likely due to cultural stigma, this was not so.
Everything our body does is a blessing. We are blessed to be connected to the moon cycle. We are blessed have our time to reconnect with mother earth and have our one time a month just for us.
I love you,
[name redacted]
We are ALL Priestess
Last year Our Goddess Gathering For Women’s Empowerment had a Dancing Naked Under the Moon Light event.
Come Dance Naked Under the Moon Light with me!
Show us your authenticity!
I ask you to come dance naked under the moonlight with me. And before we do it, we will sit in circle and have ceremony to discuss our soul’s purpose. We will bond as sisters (or brothers) and know that that we fully support each other’s authentic selves.
In our first dancing naked under the moon light women’s event, (Picture here) we sat in circle and discussed our body image. We spoke about eating disorders and loving ourselves exactly as we are. There is no judgement, only love.
Then, after creating that support circle, we are free to loose our construct that we cannot dance naked. And the freedom we receive from breaking that construct is only domino effect to the next construct breaking activity.
Believe it or not, dancing naked under the moonlight is a path to consciousness because it begins us breaking down the mind matrix. And once that mind matrix is down, you’ll see that we are one. And we are all love. And you can do whatever you want on this plane of reality.
I love you,
Priestess [redacted]
I had a conversation with a friend yesterday about “the Secret.” Do we manifest our destiny? Or is our destiny created for us?
It’s always both.
His side of the story is that he manifests what he wants, and the manifestations he has made already- he devised himself.
My side of the story is that spirit has a plan for me, and I listen. In fact spirit has been so aggressive with my path, that every time I choose to NOT take this “goddess way” I become mentally ill.
“Take that! Says spirit. Gather women to dance naked under the moonlight & bond in the red tent or I’ll send you to a mental institution.” No joke! I’m telling the truth.
I don’t like opposition or conflict.
If you asked me 5 years ago, I’d prefer to be a muggle. I was born into a family who paid for my Boston University Advertising Management degree. Following that degree and the support of my family would be easy sailing…
But spirit had a different plan. And I learned to struggle not!
So, back to destiny being “both.”
Here’s an example of how spirit works through us…
Sexual attraction! Have you noticed that you cannot control sexual attraction? In fact, sometimes you are not physically attracted to someone but very energetically attracted to someone.
That is because spirit wants you to connect with this person. Likely for a next step in your path.
Later, that energy connection may fade and you are meant to move on.
All of us spiritual folk have felt that intuitive pull to GO somewhere. To DO something. That’s spirt 🙂
Since we have free will, what happens when we choose not to connect with someone who we have a sexual attraction to?
What happens when we choose to ignore spirit’s guided path and choose another path?
Well, in some cases not much happens. We diverge from that path and have other adventures. Yet in my opinion, if we continue following our spirit from there… likely we’ll end up in the same “meant to be” destination.
If we continuously choose to not follow spirit’s path. We will likely become emotionally, physically, and mentally ill.
I’m an extreme case in point.
2-3 years ago I was at my psychiatrists 3 times a week. And was on anti psycho meds….
I assume I am so sensitive because the collective spirit is insistent im on this “Goddess” Path. And I didn’t want to be.
Now i’m anti-psycho med free and not seeing my psychiatrist anymore. Go figure.
I like this life better.
When I voice my opinion and people disagree with my opinion… they often don’t voice so. Because they don’t want to rock the boat.
This is interesting to me.
I don’t write notes to tell everyone “I’m right!”
I voice what I feel, and I welcome everyone else’s opinions so that I (and everyone else) may be as well educated as possible.
If you’re not “rockin the boat” on my note. Will you rock the boat on the important things?! Your opinion may be “right!”
And your input can change the world!
The Goddess Species and our relationships with Men…
I know us “goddess species” pretty darn well. We like pleasure. We like sex. We like love. And we like the idea of spreading our love. With many….
(ahem, love does not always mean sex. We’re very good at eye gazing and sensual touch too.)
Yet, we also want our king. We are selective. And we want a man who meets us, a man who is grounded and a man who shows he can take care of us. Although we are capable of taking care of ourselves.
So, recently I have been intimate with men I adore, who aren’t my king. And my goddess aspect says, Who cares? They are wonderful! Share love! And love the fact that you have so many loves! Love them as they are.
Yet- I feel sticky.
My venus is in Virgo.
So, I am in the pursuit of the “perfect” man.
I have in my mind the #1, #2, #3 qualities I need to commit to a man. Though the last time connected with a man who had #1, #2, #3 was 5 1/2 years ago.
Hence the Venus in Virgo.
“The Venus in Virgo person does not jump into relationships easily. They take time to make themselves important parts of their partner’s life. Instead of revealing all in a romantic scene, they tend to be self-restrained and very selective. They can be very critical at times, but you can take comfort in the fact that this most discriminating sign has chosen you for a reason. They don’t like people who have habits they dislike, and they appreciate someone who is punctual.”
This doesn’t sound like the goddess species to me :-/. Hence duality.
YET!!!! My vedic chart (so I have been told) is ruled by VENUS. The love sign. And I have immense amounts of venus and LOVE aspects in my chart. interesting….
I was also told that I have 5 out of 9 planets in retrograde in my chart. As far as I understand, I’m a little.. Backward? (no, fantastic).
I went off topic. What I wanted to say is, we goddess species have a desire to love all. As they are!
Yet- the goddess species also tends to be picky- empowered- independent women who find love sticky.
I don’t have a conclusion. I have observations. And so it is. Until my king comes around or I surrender to “sticky.” And maybe find that sticky is like warm goo… maybe like coconut oil that rubs into my skin and makes me silky haha.
To my goddess species and the GODs who love us xxxx
We are priestess, priest, guru, GOD ♥
And I am priestess [redacted]
I have over 500 pictures on my desktop of sexy, empowered, often naked womb-men.
I also collect artistic pictures of vaginas which I call my “Virgin Mary.” To me the yoni (vagina) is a symbol of the divine mother and us womb-men reclaiming our womb wisdom.
I also have a lot of pictures of lovers. And the sacred masculine man. As well as photos on expansive consciousness.
But what I really want to share is WHY a woman collects and displays pictures of naked women? ….
Besides the fact that nudity, to me, represents ultimate authenticity.
These artistic photographs are KALI Women, Pregnant women, Masturbating women, lesbian women, Women in butterfly costumes and beautiful mermaids. I have pictures of naked women nursing babies, “obese” women in nature, mud goddesses and ladies in body paint. (Some of the mud and body paint pictures are of me 😉 YAY!)
If you are not the goddess species-
I may shock you all by explaining to you that naked photography is very empowering. We live in a society in which women are taught to hold back their sensuality and their feminine essence. Yet- when we women fully express ourselves we are a powerhouse. We are unstoppable and unsatiable. Because we finally embrace it! And have not for so long.
There is absolutely a difference between these pictures and pictures you may see in sports illustrated and cosmopolitan magazine . The pictures I collect are fierce. They are not staged. Or if they are, they are women breaking taboos. These women are strong!
I have beautiful naked tree-nymphs. Artistic renditions of aphrodite, Athena, Hera. (Beauty, strength, wisdom, motherhood.) “Obese” nudity is my favorite because when done right and in its glory- it rocks!
We goddess species who collect these naked photos are here to break through the taboos. To test our boundaries so we may come out the other side. To be in peace with all aspects of ourselves. And of course, to love the most authentic- naked part of ourselves so we are no longer hidden.
To rethinking beauty and sex and power.
To loving all archetypes.
To living in Excitement. Consciousness!
To shock you again. We are mommies, teachers, students sometimes prim and proper and quite reserved. Yet always 1000% authentically expressed. And it feels good. it feels great!!!!
Let’s live and love in this goddess paradigm.
I introduce to you the return of the GOD<3DESS.
(GOD/ Goddess)
We are it. xxx
It’s my birthday! And my birthday present from the universe is increased acceptance from my family on my path.
I told my father about the Red Tent, Goddess Bed Talks, the goddess species My plans for creating a business around hippie support groups and authenticity. I told him about my alien friends and womb-men’s empowerment.
I also told him I call myself Priestess [redacted] and Why.
And that I’m not sure I should make “[real surname]” public, considering our conservative (not spiritual) family- their conservative community and google search.
My father says he likes the name [redacted] better. [Redacted] is my given birth middle name. And he accepts my path and supports it. Though he doesn’t completely understand it.
The SEX word is barely spoken with each other— sigh, and since sacred sexuality is an essential piece of our Priestess Purpose…. shrug. Another hurdle. the point is. We’re getting closer. And I’m just doing it.
SO! I’m writing my business plan and proposals now!
And you goddess species, and GODs who love us… are going to LOVE it.
Because you are it….
All my love,
Priestess [new last name redacted]

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