My New, Craziest Female Facebook Friend, Part 2

For some reason, my old Crazy Female Facebook Friend hasn’t been posting as much as I (or you) would like. So, I went out and got a new one and she’s even more “X-Files, bat-shit crazy” than the old one. 

From what I can deduce, she’s in her late-20s; she lives with her ‘rents; she isn’t that “experienced” in life…yet she calls herself a “goddess” and a “priestess.” And she preaches to others. She’s also really, really, really into her menstrual cycle–as in, “celebrating” her periods with “red tent” ceremonies. Additionally, she enjoys painting with her scrawny body and participating in group hugs. Her parents–particularly her father–don’t seem that impressed with their little princess’ course in life, either. Recently on Facebook, she changed her last name from her real one to her middle name, at Daddy’s request.

And she spells magic with a “K” at the end. A telling sign, there. 

Whatever the case, she makes for some extremely entertaining reading…

Posts from July 15th, 2012 to July 24th, 2012.


See. First its like this….
But once we understand this, then we can get the chaos within and without under control. And create magick! (in accordance with the divine of course)



My task on this earth is to delve deep into my GOD/DESS body and unravel the karma I was born with. My karma feels like stuck energetic points filled with emotional pressure. These energetic points live all over my body and spirit will hit them as it moving through its path. .

I have so much karma held in my body that spirit only needs to move a 1000,000 of a millimeter to create a new emotional expression.

I look at my life differently than many. My path’s goal is not to “be successful” “make money” “Get married”… but instead to take one karma point at a time and not analyze the light, dark, good, bad in any of it.

If I follow spirit and meet him (i call spirit him now because of his doing principle)
AND also hold space for the emotions and upheaval that comes as spirit moves through each energetic karma point. Then, eventually I may be enlightened.

I feel the only way anyone can be enlightened now is by realizing “I”, the body, the innate wisdom within is guru.

Life’s work and life’s purpose is inside the body, not so much outside the body.
“Out there” is our playground. We experience “living” and do the activities we need to unravel each karma point.
To taste the fruits of the human realm.

Remember, the path to enlightenment is actually a short distance from root to crown. Yet the journey that spirit experiences from traveling from root to crown is many life-times.

For those of us who choose to expedite the process by sun-gazing and oneness meditations I think they are good for a time.
But I’m more a “delve into my underworld type of girl” and I like to FEEL exactly what spirits its clearing.

So to you I ask,
When was the last time you looked inside your body? When was the last time you FELT inside your body?
Check in.
I love you,
Priestess [redacted]


I say “we are ALL Priestess” yet there is a time when the “Goddess Species” feels ready to call herself “Priestess.”


That time doesn’t come after training…persay. It comes when we spend time with other priestesses and claim our own empowerment! When we look inward. And call forth our divine.


We all carry the Priestess “womb wisdom.” Once we tap into our body’s knowledge we ground it and radiate it out to others.


Then, the Goddess species becomes “PRIESTESS” because she “teaches” just by being.


Here are some examples of when GODDESS species turn Priestess.


1) After fun with MANY sacred intimates, You choose your one (or main) King to focus your sexual energetic sharing with.


2) After eating food with gusto and pleasure for the orgasmic component for so long, you are now eating exactly what your body wants when it wants it.


3) After living in both the light and dark worlds to explore LOVE’s duality, you choose to live in the space of rainbows and least resistance.


4) After honoring your happy high moods and depressive moods for so long, you are now a model for other womb-men wanting to love their dark moon time.


5) After giving your blood to the earth honor the mother, you are now the space holder for the RED TENT. And may lead circle if you choose to.


6) After dancing at a strip club for your own empowerment, you choose to stop stripping because you have fully embraced your body image and your sexual nature.  Now you support your goddess species friends as they unveil that which binds them.


7) After going to doula training and possibly apprenticing as a midwife, you have witnessed countless births and are ready to guide a birthing woman on your own.


8) Other Goddess Species come to you for advice. And together you remind the children.


We can all continue to add to this list.


My point is. WE ARE PRIESTESS! We just need to remember how innately powerful we are.


Yes we study to become Priestess. But we study by spending time with other Priestesses who have claimed it already. It is important to do “trainings” but they are “remindings.”  OUR PRIESTESS PURPOSE always lives within us.


As we study ourselves and others, we begin to remind other wombmen they are priestess by example.


Let’s empower ourselves. Let’s return to our body and connect to our womb wisdom.


We are the GODDESS SPECIES.Here specifically for this GODDESS PARADIGM, in which we spread our love.


Yes! We are Priestess. Feel it! Trust it! Claim it! And we will forever study and support each other so we remember it is so.



Priestess [redacted]


Why Good girls go bad. Actually. WHY muggle chicks turn Priestess!! We are Empowered, magickal Goddesses speaking our womb wisdom and awareness of the divine within, and the divine without.


Here’s what I wrote to describe our goddess species:




We, who live off grid and are “new age.” With our crown and third eye open. We embrace our sensuality and Mommie power! We are sexy mommie supporters! We who DANCE and love our exotic and expressive dancing. We who study conscious birth practices and midwifery and practice various healing modalities. We who honor our moon cycle and our moon blood and go to ceremony to honor our WOMB! we are WOMB-MEN! And we connect to mother earth! And play in our garden.We who love SEX and love to be sexual.We who live to test our boundaries and embody all the above activities- while ALSO doing burlesque, eating chocolate, attending burning man and, dancing at a strip club, guiding sacred sexual practices and Snuggle Parties. AT LEAST ONCE!! Because the goddess species has our own sort of Priestess training 😉 And of course all goddesses intuitively practice MAGICK. We are witches of course. Of the kali-aphrodite lineage.We live to touch and we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE above all.


As Priestess, we jump to activate our truth! To share it with the world. And if we fall, we fall among the stars. We are Priestess! We just need to remember.


Let’s wake up to dancing naked under the moonlight. To expressing our utmost authenticity and creativity. To expressing our womb wisdom.


yes, we are Womb-men. And we are Good Girls Gone Bad in the most BRILLIANT WAY! because all good girls must go bad to live and love in this Goddess Paradigm.


We are LOVE. We are the new paradigm. “The Return of the Goddess”


DEAREST PRIESTESSES!I LOVE YOU!Priestess [redacted]We are Priestess, in this goddess paradigm we remember how powerful we all are.


I went to Walgreens yesterday and saw a twenty-four pack of beer on sale for $3. The half pint of Odwalla juice I wanted was $3.50. Coincidence?

This inspired my own activation:


WAKE UP TRIBE! Everything society has told you NEEDS to be challenged! Your job right now is to test all the Taboos!


Please add yours!


And of course please question… WHY?

Why does our society want us to believe these things?


WAKE UP to the conspiracy against consciousness : )

We are shattering it!


1) We were raised on food fertilized with pesticides. We have used body products (sunscreen, bug spray, hair spray, shampoo) that are made with chemicals. Wake up! We will not poison ourselves anymore!


2) The magazines on the Walgreens shelves either show “gorgeous” women or “gorgeous” women who have now become fat and are now “bad people.” WAKE UP!

We won’t distract ourselves with your ideals for perfection anymore!


3) Every magazine has at least one section, if not an entire magazine, dedicated to the lastest diet craze. WAKE UP! We won’t distract ourselves with your destructive systems anymore!


4) Our television stations are filled with The House Wives of Orange County and The Jersey Shore (Is that the name of the shows?) Wake up! This is just ridiculous…


5) The newscasters fill us with fear in order to keep us tuned into their channel. WAKE UP!


6) We are a generation raised on Microwaves and Fast food! Wake up! We will not put “micro waves” in our body anymore!


7) Again, I went to Walgreens yesterday and saw a twenty-four pack of beer on sale for $3. The half pint of Odwalla juice I wanted was $3.50. Coincidence? WAKE UP!


8) We are told that we need to be hospitalized to give birth. We are born through induction and epidurals. Wake up! We won’t allow ourselves to be strapped down anymore!


9) We learn that sex is sinful unless we use it for reproduction. We also learn that masturbation is a sin against GOD. YET! We continue to have sex with each other “under wraps” unconsciously and without the support of the community. O Jesus! WAKE UP!


10) We learn that our body processes are dirty. For example menstrual blood should be hidden and our nocturnal emissions are shameful. WAKE UP! Everything our body does is DIVINE!


11) We learn that our naked body is shameful… WAKE UP!


12) Our society approves of us working 9 to 5- and then approves of socially going bars to get “wasted.” This way we feel like “rebels” yet we never actually break out of the norm. WAKE UP! Unconscious use of drugs and alcohol impedes consciousness!


13) Our society gives us a little taste of freedom. Please it says- smoke pot here, drink alcohol there… with the intension that we won’t look beyond the Matrix. WAKE UP!


14) Our society says working 9 to 5 is the only way we can support ourselves and our family. WAKE UP!


15) We are told we must go through Hell to get to Heaven. Restrictive diets, exhaustive exercise, intense meditative practices… Enough! Let’s always be in Heaven. WAKE UP!


16) Money makes the world go round. It’s a dog eat dog world out there and we are not supported by our community. SIGH…. Good thing our SOUL family proves them wrong! WAKE UP!


Dearest TRIBE, Gods and Goddesses. Know you are Teacher. Guru. Priest. Priestess!


I assume that if you are my facebook friend, you no longer read magazines.

You have stopped watching television. You have stopped drinking at bars.  You have stopped eating food with pesticides. You have stopped putting un-natural products on your body. You have stopped using microwaves and stopped eating fast food.  You have stopped unnecessary means of child birth. And you have stopped believing our body processes are impure.

You are practicing sacred sexuality. You are studying conscious doula/ midwifery. You are consciously teaching the children. You are investing in reconnecting to your garden and creating community outlets.


We are all here for each other. We are a collective of like-minded love beings. We are awake!

We are LOVE. We are one!  We are GOD!


I love you, You are my teachers.

Love, Priestess [redacted]


How To Date A Goddess Wombman

Dear men, There are many kinds of women. Each type- New Agers, Hippie chicks, yoginis.. whatever category you connect to — has it own energetic vibration.

Goddess Wombmen, for example, are the most seductive and the most empowered wombmen in the world. They love their body. They live in their body. And they fully express their divinity through their sensuality. It is her nature to do so.

If you are a man interested in dating a goddess, be fair warned, she is Kali- Aphrodite. As Aphrodite the goddess of love she will envelope you with kisses and juicy sexual practices. She will glow and you will be in awe of her glow. But , because she is Aphrodite, her love will span beyond you. If she wants to be sexual with a man, this is her perogative. She cannot be contained by any man– her “containment” is only found in her deep devotion to her guides’ voices and her connection to spirit.

Her Kali is cutting through your illusion of what a woman “should” be. A goddess is never “your” woman, but this goddess will bow down at your feet if you display to her you ARE the sacred masculine.

Kali takes you on a journey to discover your own sacred masculine potential. When goddess Kali shows you her dark moon, hold space for her. She will challenge you to become Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, Shiva…
She will cut away your beliefs that “This is how women are” in regards to the old paradigm.

All a goddess knows is love without abandon. She believes in living by emotional nurturance, support, ecstatic and sensual dance, and sacred love making.

To date a Goddess, you must be sensual, support her independence, allow her to love freely, and honor her sacred sexual dance.

The God/dess knows that Sacred Masculine men are equal, and the counterpart to Goddess Wombmen.

To be clear, if you’d like to be with a goddess, you must be GOD.

If I have tagged you. YOU ARE GOD. I LOVE YOU. And I am blessed to be a goddess in your presence.

Priestess [redacted]
We are ALL Priestss


A woman came to the Red Tent and told me she does not feel well because she is on her moon time.

I said “Congratulations!” She responded, no one has ever said that to me before…
And her sickness was gone.

Was your first menses a celebration? Did your mother take you out of lunch and congratulate you on being a woman? Likely due to cultural stigma, this was not so.

Everything our body does is a blessing. We are blessed to be connected to the moon cycle. We are blessed have our time to reconnect with mother earth and have our one time a month just for us.

I love you,
We are ALL Priestess


If we recondition ourselves to only eat what our body wants and believe that ALL FOOD is love… We will no longer abuse our food and forever bliss off ANYTHING our body desires to eat. Our body becomes clean and satisfied.

Cleaning based on love rather than restriction allows us to become more radiant and more healthy than any traditional “cleanse.”
THE PRE-CLEANSE… and throughout the cleanse… CHECK IN!

IF you are an emotional eater,
You are welcome to use your food to heal you if it feels more appropriate. But in general let’s FEEL our emotions. Emotions make us ALIVE!

PHASE #1 connect with your physical body with yoga and meditation. Ask your body what it desires and where it needs healing.

Eat whatever your body desires. Not what your mind desires.

IN PHASE #3 honor your emotional body. If you choose to eat to soothe your emotions, please do so. SIT, LOVE, SAVOR your food and allow it to heal you. FOOD IS LOVE! Knowing so, you will not abuse it.

However, we are here to learn to not eat for our emotions. It’s a balance.

Comment on this forum about your progress. We are here to support you.

Please consult the photos, videos and documents on this forum that confirm FOOD IS LOVE!

You may contact [redacted] for questions.
I am using this forum as my video diary. I’d love you to watch them. And I’d love you to post your own!

Join in with Our Food is LOVE Cleansing Program


We are always in orgasm. Just meditate… ♥ AND WAKE UP.

Our cells, the atoms within our cells and so on are perpetually making love and reproducing themselves. That period between merger and reproduction is Blissful light. An expansion of oneness.

Making Love occurs on various levels. When I eat an apple the apple merges with my saliva and is digested. Merger is love. Digestion is light. Light is that infinite oneness and recognition that there is no difference between you and that apple. Bliss.

As I said above. Our atoms are making love without our recognition. If we meditate on this, we can tune into the constant merger and division, love and light within us.
Knowing that we are perpetually in LOVE and in ORGASM truly creates a blissful spin on meditation.

The anahata chakra (heart chakra) for example- exemplifies love as merger. The heart chakra is the merger of two triangles. One masculine and One feminine. To create ONE six pointed star. LOVE

Making love to another human being is a macrocosm of the most minute vibration of the universe. Making love with another human being is also a microcosm of the universal Shiva/ Shakti.

When we watch the shiva/shakti within ourselves– we consciously make love to every part of ourselves. Once we do this- we become capable of mimicking that same conscious love with our human partners.

Since everything is love and light. We are making love all the time.
Breathe it in. Know that even in your celibate states you are in blissful orgasm.

Priestess [redacted]


What if our life’s journey is from root chakra to crown chakra?
What if the path to consciousness is inward not outward.

Reconnect to your body to recognize that the knowledge is not out there. It’s in here.
And out there is just a playground.


PLEASE TAKE A MOMENT TO WATCH THIS~ I DON’T CARE WHO YOU ARE OR WHAT YOU ARE DOING… if you CAN read this, please stop what you are doing, and watch this…

A wombman can ovulate twice in a month! Did you know that? YES! If we have a rockin’ Orgasm we can drop an egg.

Men, DO Not cum inside a woman without her permission!

Universal energies are strong right now and advanced babies want to come through.

MEN AND WOMEN! Talk to each other!!!
Through conscious communication we make LOVE!
(not babies we aren’t ready for).

Send this movie to WAKE UP to the New Paradigm of LOVE.

Welcome to the GOD*DESS PARADIGM

I love you,


YES! We can ovulate twice in a month!!!
If you track your cycles according the Natural Family Planning method, Cycle Beads, a moon calendar… READ THIS.

——— ♥

Every New moon we hold space for the Red Tent to honor our blood time. The ancient mysteries say that our natural rhythm is to bleed on the New Moon and ovulate on the full moon. This makes sense. All women are connected to the moon cycle and we are also collectively connected to each other.
The new moon is a death, renew (blood) and the full moon is ovulation.

I, Priestess [redacted], have actually reset my rhythm to bleed on new moon and ovulate on the full moon.

NOW I am told that the moon phase that we are born under influences when we ovulate. Our own natural moon cycle (according to the moon we are born under) plus the collective moon cycle creates TWO TIMES that we may ovulate.

ACTUALLY! We can ALSO drop an egg just by having a rockin’ orgasm!!!
So…. We can ovulate three times in a month? JEEZ!!

And you tracking your cycle assuming you can only ovulate once a month may lead to you becoming pregnant.



When push comes to shove the majority of what I do is bring community together. Of course its my community I bring together, you spiritual burning man types. You who prefer green juice over beer and dancing naked and barefoot rather than dancing at a night club.
And Of course the goddesses…

We are also the LOVE TRIBE, the cuddlers, the eye gazers, the long hug holders.

I live and love and long to be supported by my soul family. And so that’s what I strive to do.

I have created many groups & organizations.

Every group focuses on “Our Tribe in Circle.” What I mean by that is- I want everyone who comes to the event to know each other. And to express themselves fully and authentically.

All of them are for the community, run by the community.
They are:

Arizona Improv Jam: Our Freeform barefoot community dance focusing on authentic movement, connection and expression. Contact improv and expressive dance therapy along with circus free play.

Our Goddess Gathering For Women’s Empowerment:
Our women’s only ceremonial gatherings and play place

Sacred Companion Events:
Events for men and women and children to do love based, connection activities together.

Sacred Masculine Events:
Men’s only community gatherings.

Sedona Improv Jam:
Arizona Improv Jam in Sedona

The Green House:
Our Com-in-unity Space (Visionary) in Sedona

Soul Sanctuary:
Our Community house in Sedona

Gather the tribes! Groups, Businesses to come together and plan events for the community.

If you live in Arizona, you’ll recognize that these groups were WILD at one point, and none are particularly active right now.

As I have explained to everyone, I am a VISIONARY not a generator.

And as I come to terms with this within myself, I realize my purpose is to share with you that Utopia CAN exist.
And if you want to sustain it, you absolutely can.
EMPOWER YOURSELF! You are Priest and Priestess too….

ANYWAY back to me and my purpose-
I am here to show you that if you want women to come together to dance naked under the moonlight… you can and they will.

If you want to have co-ed family friendly cuddle parties combined with fire play and mud throwing. You can do that too.

I’ve done ALL the above.
And I’ve seen people follow suite. It’s wonderful.

I guess you can say I’m a “utopia-ist.” A dreamer who recognizes I can create the dream. That’s easy….

But I believe we can ALL work together to generate it.
No leaders, only activators.

But of course, you generating it is your choice.
Just as my choice is to envision it.
And again my purpose is to show you that yes, it’s possible. YES utopia exists.
You just have to say you want it and that it is.
And so it is.

Happy manifestations. It is 2012.
Consciousness and radical authenticity is taking over.
And we live in exuberant LOVE!

I love you,
Priestess [redacted]



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