My New, Craziest Female Facebook Friend, Part 3

For some reason, my old Crazy Female Facebook Friend hasn’t been posting as much as I (or you) would like. So, I went out and got a new one and she’s even more “X-Files, bat-shit crazy” than the old one. 

From what I can deduce, she’s in her late-20s; she lives with her ‘rents; she isn’t that “experienced” in life…yet she calls herself a “goddess” and a “priestess.” And she preaches to others. She’s also really, really, really into her menstrual cycle–as in, “celebrating” her periods with “red tent” ceremonies. Additionally, she enjoys painting with her scrawny body and participating in group hugs. Her parents–particularly her father–don’t seem that impressed with their little princess’ course in life, either. Recently on Facebook, she changed her last name from her real one to her middle name, at Daddy’s request.

And she spells magic with a “K” at the end. A telling sign, there. 

Whatever the case, she makes for some extremely entertaining reading…

Posts from July 25th, 2012 to August 20th, 2012.

I LOVE the ultimate soul mate who lives within myself

Myths say that we are searching for our ultimate soul mate. Kaballah calls this being zivug. Vedic and Tantric texts Shiva and Shakti.

Considering that all things are merging and dividing in mitosis, which I call LOVE and LIGHT. It is understandable that our purpose is to merge with another being to reproduce.

Shiva and Shakti is represented in the anahata chakra, the star of david otherwise known as our heart energy. It is here that we connect with our ultimate soul mate. Our love.

Some ancient texts say that the soul resides in our belly. This makes me think that we are not looking for a “soul” mate persay. We are looking for our LOVE mate.

Because it is in our HEART that masculine and feminine merge. The heart is the in between, between root and crown. Siva and Shakti.

It is here we know our counterpart.


We have a counterpart outside of us, and we have our counterpart within us. We are all Shiva-Shakti already.

If you would like to meet your internal divine counterpart, open your heart and ask him or her to eye gaze with you. Breathe.

Many of you will have resistance to this experience. Our sacred masculine or feminine carries the wounds from our past heart breaks. For example, if your first true love wounded you, you will blame the sacred masculine within yourself.

We carry our wounds around like a badge. And if we do not clear our past relationships, as well as create a point of differentiation between our self (our own sacred masculine) and the man we loved, we will continue to would ourselves. We will create patterns and forever distrust others.  Simply because we distrust something within ourselves.


I’m not sure if I am looking for a soul mate. My soul feels whole already.  But my heart wants to merge with one and many. So, its my responsibility to clear my past so I may open my heart to all of you.

I love you, Priestess [redacted]


“I” am my own personal art project. And I must say, I am quite the canvas. A living, growing goddess whose innate wants and desires change depending on the moon sign. My work is like trying to paint a portrait while riding on a roller coaster. And at the same time, the project is my masterpiece. It is an agreement between me and the divine to live in reality and manipulate reality. To test taboos and see who responds.

So, what do you think? How’s my art project lookin’ to you?
She’s only broadly shaped. In general I paint in rainbows and glitter. Sometimes with fire to singe the edges so it looks worn- yet funky. And I use always “puffy” paint. I love t-shirt puffy paint.

Most of you know I paint with my hands and not a paint brush. My soul is the director of the piece and he/she has most “control” through my fingertips. Of course I’m a control with no control kind of girl. I throw paint with my eyes closed and then I decorate from there.

Honestly, risks are the only way we get noticed. See my vagina body prints in my ART album. That’s mostly my style. There are 100,000,000 glittery beings out there and I’m the one exposing my rainbow vagina….
Sexual empowerment sells.
And I’m glad I’m being bought. But my point is.

I am my own art project to keep me occupied during this life time.
And, I believe- it is truly the most elaborate peace in my universe. Imperfection is perfection. And the artist, my rainbow soul, paints with the colors of love. (DUH).

How many times can a Priestess say I LOVE YOU?
I love you.
Priestess [redacted]


Dearest Muggles. You will not understand this post. But soon you will wake up to your magickal nature. And when you do, we will be here.

For you witches, wizards, aliens, shape shifters, beings from alternate realms and so on… read below.

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”

For those of you who have discovered your magickal capabilities. It is not our inadequacy that scares us. It is our GREAT power to control and manifest. And the ethical boundaries regarding control- that our mind has yet to conceive of.

This post is geared to those of you who have been conscious for some time. Or, now that you have the ability to “manipulate” the grid (and don’t for personal and/or ethical reasons)… easily dissolve into oneness, step back into the portals of time, fast forward to the future. Only to realize that it is all right now. And this is just a minimal piece of it…This is the easy stuff.

If you wanted to, you would watch yourself as light and love and dissolve your extra body weight. You would turn Hershey’s chocolate into the nutritional capacity of green juice. You’d fly! And your business, your income, your romantic partner will all be in perfect alignment with you. Manifesting millions is a breeze. You have no problems. Simply because “problems” have lost their meaning. Now that you understand what problems are in relation to your spiritual path…


For those of us who experience this, We have these  moments in which we step back and go, SHIT, I’m THAT POWERFUL!

I have these O shit! moments every time I recognize I can do all of the above easily and more. And I’ll explain to you exactly how it works scientifically! yet, I don’t do the above. And I don’t come close because of fear.

Yes, Me. Miss “I am Priestess, and WE are Priestess.” is terrified of her own ability to end her suffering. To actually take control of her life by living in accordance with the universal energy grid. By doing magick in relation to the divine and realizing we are now co-creators in this chaos.

For those of us who have awaken to our power, we recognize we are as powerful as the divine itself.  Me, the divine within me and the divine outside of me. We all bow to each other.

We are each Other. And essentially separate.


Yet- I haven’t told you about any of this. Even though I’m pretty sure that I could make a hell of a lot of money off doing so. And if i actually LIVED this, again following the code of ethics that I have uncovered within myself (obviously I mention the code of ethics over and over again- because I have violated these codes before, and have suffered from doing so…) Anyway my life would be a breeze. I would be the “luckiest” (no luck about it) person on earth.

“Controlling the mind” is an essential component to magick. This is one of the reasons we do ceremony and say our  spells. These tactics keep “our eye on the ball.”  If we focus our energy on something, we may streamline our mind energetics, and more can more easily influence the grid.

There is a difference between influencing the grid, cutting the grid, living in accordance with the grid and being a co-creator with the grid.These are all things I am experiencing myself and figuring out.


Yes, Some of us are just born this way. And you may be one of us too….But for me, I notice my mind shuts off when I think about the details. Controlling what I have always known as uncontrollable brings up fear.

Yet in this new world we are finally able to be a co-creator. YES!  A co-creator. Before the Priestess just lived as a guide and overseer. But now we may live as the divine creator itself. Though we are Still just a guide. It’s always both!

But it first starts with listening inside. Listening outside. Asking ourselves and asking the divine outside ourselves. Being open to Receiving. Praying. Loving ourself. Knowing LOVE and light as the recipe for all that MAGICK is.


As all Priestesses do, my feet are on the ground. My arms are up to the sky. My body represents the womb… as my arms are the fallopian tubes and ovaries the hands….

This is just another reason I am a womb-man.But I’m babbling now.

I have come to another damn shift. I just had my 26th birthday. I always have a grand shift in the New Year and on my birthday.

ALL MY LOVE!II’ll keep you updated on my progress in “power.”


There will be a day when Oprah writes on her magazine “i’m fat and I’m loving myself!” Rather than “I’m good because I lost weight.” “I am bad because I put it back on.”
There will be a day when Star, People, Cosmopolitan and Vogue Magazine focus on something beyond how to have thinner thighs. And looks will be based on “glow” rather than an idealized body figure.
There will be day when a woman feels comfortable wearing a bikini when she’s put on 10 pounds. And she won’t beat herself up and then go on a diet to take it off.
There will be a time when we throw all poison diet products in the garbage can. No more pills or meal replacements meant to shut down authentic body processes. So we can feel loved and safe.
There will be a time when we know food as love. And eating, even when emotional, is a blessing.
There will be a time when we know LIFE as heaven. And not hell. And food is a part of that. Self-acceptance is key to bliss.

Our tribe chooses to disconnect ourselves from the media. We choose to disern what is happiness and what is perceived happiness for the future.
In the future, public figures will speak about being imperfect. They will have love for everyone and so love for themselves.


We are always in orgasm. Just meditate… ♥ AND WAKE UP.

Our cells, the atoms within our cells and so on are perpetually making love and reproducing themselves. That period between merger and reproduction is Blissful light. An expansion of oneness.

Making Love occurs on various levels. When I eat an apple the apple merges with my saliva and is digested. Merger is love. Digestion is light. Light is that infinite oneness and recognition that there is no difference between you and that apple. Bliss.

As I said above. Our atoms are making love without our recognition. If we meditate on this, we can tune into the constant merger and division, love and light within us.
Knowing that we are perpetually in LOVE and in ORGASM truly creates a blissful spin on meditation.

The anahata chakra (heart chakra) for example- exemplifies love as merger. The heart chakra is the merger of two triangles. One masculine and One feminine. To create ONE six pointed star. LOVE

Making love to another human being is a macrocosm of the most minute vibration of the universe. Making love with another human being is also a microcosm of the universal Shiva/ Shakti.

When we watch the shiva/shakti within ourselves– we consciously make love to every part of ourselves. Once we do this- we become capable of mimicking that same conscious love with our human partners.

Since everything is love and light. We are making love all the time.
Breathe it in. Know that even in your celibate states you are in blissful orgasm.

Priestess [redacted]


You know those photo grids people are passing around on Facebook?
This is what your friends think you do… This is what your parents think you do… This is what you think you do…

I saw one on activism. The dude thinks he’s fighting wars, but he’s actually just posting on FB. For me, what I think I do is run around naked under the moonlight. And what I really do is sit in front of Facebook writing notes about it.

I just found this one, for web developers. So I’m posting it with this note.
WAH WAH WAHHHHHHHHHH…. The dude is grey and pensive!

I’m about to embark in creating my own website. TA DA! More time on this computer and away from my naked dance party.

Uh OH. A technology conspiracy theory is popping into my mind…
O! technology! How I LOVE and HATE you.

Thankfully I’m an ACTIVIST! Who activates virally.
IN RAINBOWS!!! Not gray scale.

So – with this- I activate you to go activate others. Or we can both post notes on Facebook and show everyone: it’s time to WAKE UP!

I love you,
Priestess [redacted]


The Return of the Goddess is also the return of GOD!
Welcome to the God*dess Paradigm!

MY ART DISPLAYED! With my yoni (vagina) print.

The Goddess Species and our relationships with Men…♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥

I greeted my male friend at a restaurant the other day and said “Hi GOD!”

It became a little uncomfortable…. for about five seconds.

But I call every wombman goddess and so without thinking I called my male friend GOD.And it felt right!

I want to call every man GOD.And what usually stops me from doing so is this negative perception of “his” name.

Is “GOD” too religious? Too patriarchal? Does being called GOD feel ego based? Does it feel too powerful?

If I walk around calling every many GOD…The bus boy at my table, the man next to me at yoga class, the nomad hippie boy drumming on trash cans….

Hey God! Excuse me, GOD? May I speak to you?Thank you GOD for clearing away my dishes. And yes GOD I would like dessert.

Anyway, My point isIf I call all my wombmen friends Goddess, shouldn’t I call my sacred masculine men friends GOD? Isn’t that appropriate?

We are living in the GOD♥DESS paradigm. And the return of the Goddess is the return of GOD.

Once upon a time the Goddess had her stigma. Now she has re-emerged in radiant glory.

Dearest GODs. I activate your return to your rightful position as the Goddesses’ counterpart.

We love you! Sincerely,The goddess species.
we are all Priestess
And I am Priestess [redacted]xoxooxox

P.S. Now that I have written this, I will begin calling all you men GOD. Empower yourself 😉

It has come to my attention that I’m a women’s empowerment speaker and facilitator. That’s good to know. I try to be balanced in honoring men and women … but this is the first time I looked at my posts and realized that my posts are 3x more geared toward womb-men. However I inspire us all to empower ourselves and activate this new world.

Should I feel complete with my tagline “Inspiring women to empower themselves?” because it continues “and we women inspire men to empower themselves and we all teach the children.”

Yes, Men can be the activators for women. However, the energetics of the universe flow shakti to shiva.
Think of kundalini… the snake energy rises from root (shakti) to crown (shiva). The feminine principle in each of us receives divine intuition and activates the masculine principle to “do.”
So- since all things are a pattern of the infinite universe- female often activates male.

Anyway. I initiated Sacred Companion Events and Sacred Masculine Events in Phx. And I am passionate about men empowering themselves. And all of us honoring the sacred masculine. I feel we forget who the sacred masculine is. And that he exists.


There are powerful wombmen waking up right now. There are powerful men waking up as well. But the women I speak of have come into this life with a well of not yet tapped knowledge, magick, psychic ability… Often masked by depression and fluctuation of moods.
If these women are brave enough to step up to their power- they will be the guides for this new world. The return of The goddess.
The universe flows Shakti to shiva… So the death of the old world patriarchy means Shakti must ignite the balance of sacred masculine and feminine again.
Awareness of emotions is key to psychic awakening. Opening up our emotional channels allows Shakti, spirit, kundalini to move through us. Darkness is a pre-requisite for spiritual awakening (in my opinion.) and speaking about our emotional flow, accepting our Kali, will not only blunt her tongue but also allow us to go further on our path.

In general, it’s beautiful to look at our anger, our fear, our sadness from the highest perspective. When we do so- we have the strength to unlock the door to our “next step.” rather than following the same karmic patterns.

Many of us don’t want to go into our bodies to release what’s inside there. We will experience emotions that
we don’t understand. From this life, the collective life, all alternate dimensions of reality.

It hurts.

Again- we can choose to stay unconscious. Or we can choose to wake up.
We can choose the path of ouroborus or give that snake wings.
We can choose to leave our body, or we can choose to ground into her.

This time living life as the best life yet.
Remember how powerful you are. I support you on this journey from root to crown.

I love you,

I keep being reminded that its NOW… There is no later. Manifest now!
Yet its not now. Not yet…
How can it not be now?! When now is all there is?

Well… Now is the only journey there is. And its a different journey than the one you will be on later.
Though I bet “later” will be different than what you think it will be.

GWAR! I want it now! If now is all there is, I want that “later” right now!

OK… you can make it now. But you’ll miss the big picture. Every breath, every “mis”step, every aspect of the spiral is the now you desire.

It’s imperfect, but only because your perfect is another construction you are basing off of others.

Sigh. So? My imperfection is the NOW I desire? And my journey is just to experience it? Healing the old, being present and paving way for the future.

Yes 🙂 This is what we signed up for…
If you believe in that.

Either way its the human experience. And first lets unravel, calm and explore the mind.
The mind is a powerful tool. Once you recognize how to navigate it.
Do you see the matrix? That which we call the grid? This is the way you understand how the human experience works.
This is where you see spirit, spirit’s path, the power of the mind, body and soul.
This is where you learn to love everyone on their unique path… and you love your next step as the perfect next step.

Though now is all there is.

I love you,
Priestess [redacted]

We all fear judgement.
Why? i’m not sure… maybe its a subconscious survival tactic. If I am like everyone else I won’t get hurt.
If I Stand out I might get eaten by a wolf! (Sheep!).

My most extraverted- “different” friends are the ones who voice their insecurities the most.
they are the ones who shave their hair off, wear funky makeup, have the most exciting art… everyone looks at them as they walk by.

How funny!

Myself- I fear judgement too…
I get nervous when im on a date a man after he’s seen all my blood priestess movies. And i get nervous when muggle women read about me calling myself Priestess.
I get nervous that I won’t live up to other’s expectations. That I “should” be something more, in order to be shiny enough.
Almost all my art features a naked womb-man, a penis or a vagina on it. So… now that I think about it. I’m pretty nervous around muggle people in general. And anyone who I think isn’t in my tribe. (I shrink and get shy… at least recently.)

Yet- what I don’t care speaking about? (even around the muggles)

dancing naked under the moon light, the red tent in general, yoni printing for empowerment, polyamory, sex, getting naked all the time… in public, ecstatic expressive dancing in which im rolling on the floor- making odd sounds….

So, why is fear of judgement attached to specific things?
maybe cords from our insecurity center attach to various abstract planes… and these cords shift and reattach as we do the self work….?

I really do want to know why. But my point is its silly what we get nervous about. They often aren’t rational…

I’m not above it.
This is a comment piece… no conclusion. Just food for thought.


Our society has a hard time digesting the “DARK GODDESS”

She represents Death, Carnal or Empowered Sex, Blood, Mystery, Anger, Depression, psychosis, psychic energy.

She is that “PMS” we all know as “Bad” and try hard to a recover from. Apologizing for ourselves…

Since I’m a fan of conspiracy theories, I believe patriarchal religious leaders recognized that embracing darkness is essential to waking up. And even more so the dark goddess, when she claims her power, awakens society. “Religion” wants to make sure we are asleep.

Death is transformation. Dark is the gateway to light. Only when we love our darkness can we move to our next step.

If the snake priestess offers you the apple from the tree of knowledge BITE INTO IT!

You will die…fall deep asleep like show white did. But you will also be kissed and wake up to this new world.

I call my business The God*dess Paradigm. In short… WAKE UP to the new paradigm of LOVE.

There is a lot more to expand upon. But for now.
We are Priestess!
I love you,
Priestess [redacted]


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