Big-Screen TV in 1978 Meant “Monstrosity”

Believe it or not, the thing depicted in the image below is a television/videocassette recorder combination. I’ll let that sink in as you contemplate how much this monstrosity must have weighed…

Yet, in 1978, we didn’t have two-inch thick flat-panel displays or solid-state RAM to record our favorite shows. Instead, we relied on the good ol’ cathode ray tube–and that’s what this thing was at its core. The General Electric Widescreen 1000 employed a CRT monitor that was laid on its back and then had its magnified image projected onto a larger screen.

I’m guessing the image quality is similar to smearing Vasoline on one of today’s HD televisions, yet the most impressive thing about this monster is its “solid veneered wood” cabinet. At least that can be used for stoking a fire…

You can go from channel 2 to channel 83 instantly!


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