Dieting, the RickNews Way

Perhaps the most important aspect in maintaining one’s weight is to limit portion control. After all, it makes sense: limit the amount of food on your plate and you’ll eat less.


However, RickNews readers usually like to go “one better” in all areas of life, so I suggest limiting your limited portions by cutting your food into “hors d’oeuvres size.” For example, instead of eating two pizza slices and a soft drink for lunch, have one slice and cut it up into bite-size morsels.

I like to take the experience up a notch so I bring my own toothpicks with me wherever I go. Try it—your one lonely slice of the Neopolitan delicacy suddenly is transformed into about 30 toothpick-topped hors d’oeuvres!

Not only is this easier on your waistline, but you can pretend that you’re at a cocktail party, three times a day. Who wouldn’t want to make each meal a healthier and more festive occasion?


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