Here’s a $500,000 Nissan Hatchback

Nissan’s Juke is one of the most unique and entertaining vehicles on the road. It can be had with a sprightly, 188-horsepower, turbocharged four-cylinder and this zesty powerplant jibes perfectly with the Juke’s sassy styling. Its four doors and hatchback also make for around-town practicality.

All this for a tad over a half-million bucks.

Then there are people for whom the above just isn’t enough. These people also have bottomless bank accounts. Nissan has just delivered the first example of their new Juke R. We all know Nissan make the best supercar on earth–the sub-three-seconds to 60 mph GT-R–and they’ve taken the twin-turbo, V6 engine from that beast and stuffed it into the little Juke. Nissan’s crazy engineers also transplanted upgraded brakes and they’ve massaged the body for more efficient aerodynamics.

As a result, 60 mph comes up in under three seconds (a la the GT-R) with a top speed of 170 mph. Making 545 horsepower, the Juke R’s most impressive number is the price: about $521,000.


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