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Midday Central Florida, Part Two

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Midday, Central Florida. Summer. 

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Big Man, You’re a Tiger

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The 1960s were a very turbulent time, in almost all aspects of life. Blacks integrated with whites; people burned draft cards and bras; and “the Establishment” was slowly losing its grip on the collective kultur.

This 1965 advertisement is from Sunbeam, a long-dead British carmaker who seems to have had a crisis of its own. For some reason, they stuffed a Ford V-8 engine into their Alpine convertible, turning their milquetoast sporty runabout into a ferocious beast called the Tiger. (Well, more ferocious than the Alpine, but not as fast as a modern-day SUV.) If the car looks familiar, it’s because it starred in Get Smart‘s opening scenes for a few years.

One could just imagine the nightmares that Sunbeam’s US advertising agency had, when they thought of ways to market the vehicle: An English-American “hybrid animal” with a decidedly fey brand name. “Easy,” they must’ve exclaimed over martinis in a smoky conference room, “let’s use sex to sell this car! Ask that creepy guy named Bundy down in copy to whip-up a few lines.”



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For a Formula One fanatic over a “certain age,” this news will elicit a girlish, OMG!

The legendary Martini color scheme back for the 2014 F1 season…this time with Williams-Mercedes F1.

If it doesn’t make you just ‘squee,’ then you don’t have a soul.

Whoops…Part Deux!

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When one purchase’s GM’s finest car, brand-new, one then receives a slew of solicitations from the National Corvette Museum, located where they build ’em, in Bowling Green, KY.


Somewhere down there is a 202-mph ZR1. The ‘Vette doesn’t look too swift from this view.

I never gave a cent to those Kentucky Krazies; somehow the “Real Estate Professional” inside me told me that things just wouldn’t bode well for the institution.

You see, I don’t want my name on a Commemorative Brick, a la EPCOT or some Autism Center–I prefer to have my moniker etched on an iron truss.

This is why.

Pure, Unadulterated, Car Porn

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This, dear readers, is the 2014 racing car that McLaren-Mercedes plans to campaign for the upcoming Formula One season.

With a six-cylinder, turbocharged engine that’s tinier than your Mom’s suitcase, the “liquid metal” paintjob makes the machine look like it’s doing 220mph standing still.

This baby has an engine smaller than a college chick’s Neon…and more power than her Daddy’s Daytona–or five of ’em, to be exact.

…And The “Death Watch” Begins

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The legendary British luxury marque, Aston Martin, just posted a loss of about $40,000,000.00 for the year 2012!

Read the full article here and maybe we can all get “Q” to issue everyone a DBS…

“It’s not really mine–I just lease the thing…”

They Just Ceased Production of the Most Reliable Aston Martin

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Incredibly, England’s own Aston Martin, had the cojones to slap their stickers on a Scion iQ and call it a scion of the once-legendary marque. Complete with a leather interior and the worst interpretation of the AM grille in history, the Cygnet says “goodbye” to this world after only two years in production.

The only Aston Martin to always start-up; never to leak; and made in Japan.

The worst part? It’s probably the most reliable Aston in history, considering it’s a Toyota. Read more here.

America’s Scariest Road…

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Beware the ghost boy who throws coins…and those dangerous curves.

Read the article here.

Lamborghini Cut in Half

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Lamborghinis are cars for valets. That is, they’re more for impressing others than driving. If they don’t catch on fire, that is. Or, if they don’t break down.

Here’s a new, $400,000 Aventador, that’s just been turned into two $200,000 Lambos. By an old Mazda sedan (not a fire truck, a sanitation truck, or a herd of bulls)..!

Read the story here.