Putin This in Your Pipe and Smoke It

Vlad Putin, the current dictator of Russia, is probably one of the coolest world leaders out there. He’s got a rockin’ wristwatch collection , which is pretty impressive, considering he’s a public servant with a salary of about $180,000 a year. (Some say he’s amassed a fortune to the tune of $70 billion, which makes Bill Gates jealous because, let’s face it, Bill doesn’t have nukes.) He’s also into martial arts and killing beautiful and exotic animals. Sorta like a 17-year-old Arkansas boy with a lot of money…

Vladimir Putin and his puppy

VP can’t be all bad…he loves puppies!


Yet, the most shocking thing I’ve heard about “VP the VIP” is that there’s a “cult” of his “worshipers” here in the Good Ol’ U.S.A.!  Check out the nuts here.

Secret? Yeah, I’d be real secret, too, about this one.


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