…And This is Why He’s Called “Money” Mayweather

There are professional athletes and there are sportsmen. Then there are world-famous athletes, such as Usain Bolt or Roger Federer. Then there are one-word names, such as Tiger or Peyton.

Then there’s Floyd Money Mayweather, arguably the greatest pugilist of all-time. The son of boxer Floyd Mayweather, Floyd Jr. was “bred” to be a champion, by his father and his uncle. ¬†Undefeated after 45 fights, Mayweather is on track to better Rocky Marciano’s record of 49 wins and 0 losses.

Not all are “blinged-out.” Dig the AP Don Ramon in rose gold on the top row.


Yet, what makes Money “oh-so-money” is the unabashed flaunting of his wealth. While Tiger prefers to float on a boat called “Privacy,” Money prefers to flaunt his sports bets; his $6,500,000 wristwatch collection; his fleet of white supercars (can’t get classier than white); his fleet of black luxury cars; and his wads of yes, money.

Enjoy more about Money here and know that you’re watching the Greatest blow his cash in really cool ways.


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