Tesla Motors’ Shocking Problem

I came across Michael Degusta’s blog, The Understatement, because of an article he wrote about the Tesla Roadster, one of the first all-electric sportscars.

In the piece, Degusta uncovers a very serious problem that plagues this $100,000 bauble of the rich, famous, and “green.” It seems the car can be “bricked” when the battery pack completely discharges.

Tesla's Roadster: sleeker than a brick.

When I say “bricked,” I mean it–it’s as if the car is a giant clay brick. It cannot be restarted, recharged or even MOVED when it has 0 battery life. Y’know, like a brick.

Moreover, Tesla charges $40,000 for a battery pack replacement–and it’s not covered by a warranty or, or…anything.

So far, this has allegedly happened to five cars, out of an estimated 2,200 sold to date.

Whoa--that battery pack is 40 grand?!

It seems that Tesla Motors not only is aware of this problem, but the company may, in fact, be monitoring customer cars via GPS without their consent.

It’s a very interesting article and I suggest you read it.


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