The posts below are from a “Facebook friend” of mine, whom I’ve never met.

These posts were made between January 29th and February 8th, 2012. From what I can deduce, she’s 35 years-old, Jewish, from Philadelphia, and lives nearby in Palm Beach County.

My FAVORITE part about her posts are capitalized words. You see, crazy people do this in their writing because they require MORE attention than the rest of us. 

Oh yeah, she’s into Kabbalah and “mysticism.” ‘Nuff said.

This is not my FF...just a generic photo.

U can play into someone else’s game, but in the end, u may lose your own integrity… stand your ground, yet be understanding that others may be suffering, and stay on higher ground… that’s what I call “A WIN/WIN”.. xoxoxox

I would only ever wish to be with someone who would stand by his mother… even if at first, it was against me… in the end, I would want my son to stand by me… the only difference is, I do not wish to stand in his way of true love and happiness.. we may not see eye to eye… but I will respect that I raised him to be a strong, independent man, who trusts his own instincts, at the core… without me fogging up his lenses… I think one day I will give birth to a beautiful son.. I just have this feeling. Wild!

I learned something today…. there are always 3 sides to a story… and the story does not even matter….. The question is… How do you want someone to feel while in your presence and after they have left? Let’s take this opportunity to just care, share, and love… sometimes we may experience bad days or tough times and it is important to have the ones we care about to feel close to us and vice versa…

shpealkehs! UGH… without my five hour walks in NYC, life just doesn’t feel the same… ( no matter how much yoga and swimming I do..) lol..

I believe that there is a fine line between respecting someone’s wishes and fighting for what you know is right in your heart…. the only way to ever really know is by trying out all the possible scenarios…. afterall, you never know until you know…

Life and the people in it.. (your life) can often be so much more than you believe them to be…. open your mind and you may see others in a broader light too….. “Limitless Possibilities” is the concept of the day!

Every man is waiting for that special woman to “put him in his place”….( perhaps not “outwardly”….. but deep inside…. where it all starts and where it all counts…. ! strong on the outside, soft on the inside.. perfect combination.. perfect mirror image…. just gotta break through the shell or wait for it to open on its own…. (the former is probably a better option… if i said that correctly: lol

Sometimes we have the prize, and then we drop the ball…..

I am like water… I can live in any situation.. My birth sign is Cancer. I have a warm heart. I am a mush. Do not mess with me though, bc I can use my heart and mind to turn yours into stone… Play nicely and I can support you in conquering the world…. as long as you are operating from a place of peace and kindness, I hope to share what you have created in a loving way, I will be there by your side and help show you a brighter day:)

For the love of money and the POWER of LOVE!… We can have it ALL!

Go find what makes U happy, bc u have a good heart!

My friend is selling some furniture very inexpensively…. if anyone is interested….lmk

When I finally get my MIND, BODY, SOUL, and SPIRIT to work in unison…… I will be__________?

Synagogue was intense tonight… as well as entertaining… I am so sorry for the loss of Rabbi Agler’s daughter… I am sure she was a lovely person who brought joy to many…. In her honor, Cantor Shore, Rabbi Bloch, and Rabbi Silvers ,along with their talented crew, put on a good show as a tribute to Talia…. Blessings to all tonight… LOVE the PEOPLE U LOVE MORE…. Shower them with it and stop wasting time… Life is simply too precious to waste hating and ignoring the ones who care for you and for whom you care for deeply…

There are many things you can buy in this world…. Real Love definitely is NOT one of them…. Have a blessed Friday Evening and Good Shabbos to those who observe… Let the weekend begin for ALL OF US…. Jewish, Catholic, Purple, and /or otherwise:) xo….

I am starting to see that it is time for me to keep my natural state of “happiness” to myself… this does not mean that i do not have moments of sadness, anger, or frustration… it just means I do not blame others for my moods…

OMG, it’s time to GROW up, for the BIG SHOW, now…. oh boy…. who grows down so they can regrow up anyway? oh wait… Only me!!! lol

Met with a friend today who told me that people were challenging him and reporting him for things that he did not do…. Just remember this….. Those who are jealous and ignorant will MOSTLY look to blame, shame, and guilt others for their own shortcomings….or misunderstandings…. They may even “HATE ON”… those they do not understand….including their family members and supposed friends… …

I am so proud of some of ” The Biggest Dudes in the WORLD ” …I see u guys….. Now u see yourselves…. clearly…… Nice work gentlemen… Nice work… it will pay off big time……

We reside in the place where we stand….. and we love others only as much as we can successfully and completely LOVe OURSELVES:) SO LOVE YOURSELF COMPLETELY and then you can do the same for me:) and that CREATES THE HAPPY! (for Tam V…..) can’t tag her or she’ll kick my tushie…)hehe

We stand tall, we stand proud… and a brand new “banging” place is about to open up where just an open space used to exist.. Creation is the root of greatness,,,,, to ME!

Now let’s close our eyes and jump!…. Trust that we are both protected by a higher power, and all will be beyond magnificent.. The best life ever will unfold and together we will create a few images of perfection…. or darn close…:) hehe…

Suddenly I am beginning to understand my gf Robin so much more… We are from Philly, but we prefer the “diversity” of NYC so much more…. There is not 1 type of cool in NYC, whereas in Philly, people seem far more similar… no comparison , I guess… New Year’s Resolution take one…..Each and every experience is just its own…. Y compare anything to anything else? Really, once we compare, we have a tendency to diminish either ones’ value… y not just let them be who they are?

Thank goodness I finally just came to terms with the fact that i am FREAKIN awesome and exceptional and different from most of the people out there.. I am beyond ok with ME now and I am just learning when to hold em, when to fold em, when to walk away, and when to run… now….took a while…. but well worth the time invested into myself to try on different kinds of lifestyles, personalities, friendships, and hairstyles:) What next for the great and powerful [me]?…. Stay tuned and see…

Investing in rough diamonds can be tricky… As long as you employ the proper team members and craftsmen, anything is possible… You can take a material that looks really rough to the outside world, and shape, mold, and cut it carefully into a D, VSI… or better… One never knows, but a skilled and crafty speculator KNOWS..It’s in the TELLs…… There are the standard kinds and the ELITE….. Find your gem and carry a polishing device with you at all times…. Be prepared to spend some time and patience… this creation takes some time… but I betcha that it’ll pay off in SPADES:) xo…

Ladies…. Men are asking for US to set our boundaries and to ALLOW them to ABIDE by them!!! Let us get to ACTION!!!!! They are asking and we must show up for them!!!

xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxo… as tough and gifted as I appear and am, I still had a LOT of underlying FEARS from childhood that I have been clearing over this past year….. wow.. it feels great to allow myself to be freed from the old stuff that does not serve me or my dreams for my life!

I love the flow and joy and ease….. but too easy…. is that much fun? Palease….

Bc you asked for nothing, I wanted to give to U “the world”….BC you asked for no thing, most around you felt somewhat fooled……Bc you asked for no thing, the only thing anyone could see, was a person “full” (filled) with everything, the only thing that was missing IS ob-vi-ous-ly, ME….Bc you deserve everything, asking for what you need is not a lie. It most certainly could make you seem to …



  1. Chip Maloney Says:

    Holy crap! That one is a big ol’ cup o’ crazy! Now let me get back to cry/singing “My Heart Will Go On” before I whack off to some violent lesbian porn from the Czech Republic.

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