The posts below are from a “Facebook friend” of mine, whom I’ve never met.

These posts were made between April 18th and May 1st, 2012.

From what I can deduce, she’s 35 years-old, Jewish, from Philadelphia, and lives nearby in Palm Beach County. She doesn’t have kids, but she does have a dog.

My FAVORITE part about her posts are the capitalized words. You see, crazy people do THIS in their writing because they require MORE attention than the REST of us. 

Oh yeah, she’s into Kabbalah and “mysticism.” ‘Nuff said.

(Her previous posts can be found herehereherehereherehere and here.)

What to sell next? This is FUN:)

Ho’oponopono. Are you familiar with this amazing healing tradition from Hawaii? It is an ancient practice of reconciliation and forgiveness. The word ‘ho’oponopono’ means to ‘make right’ – typically in your relationship with self and others. ♥


We took a ride on Roget’s magic carpet today……. Mike was there and ToTo too…..with a bit of HollyWood to boot… How smoothe….$10 bucks to anyone who gets this ..

Mean people suck!!!!!!…….. Passive Aggressive people are so challenging to deal with.. Calgon take me away…it can be challenging at times… not gonna fib….. we get to do our own work, and then it’s easier to live!

Ok…. here’s what I know: when put the the test, I can pack a big punch….. ( i do not normally travel with my punch….yet i can call on it whenever I need to) xo…

I remember most people who come into my life…. for better or for better than before…

What will happen today? Yesterday was a doozie…… Perhaps today will produce greater results….

Big sharing morning..

Beginning to think I need some surrogate parents sooner than later!!! Seems to be the missing links…. to the next phase of life..

It looks like I came from a Family Structure that operated from FEAR over FAITH…. As the energy was embedded into the fiber of my being against my natural instincts, I realized i was living a life based on others’ regrets, guilt, jealousy, etc… vs my INNATE sense of love, togetherness, exploration, and trust…. It have taken a LONG detour from the life that I KNEW in my heart I was born to live… So to all of you out there who do not have support to live your life to the fullest, feel free to turn to ME and i will do my best to HELP you RISE ABOVE…. ( I wish i had that, so i will BE IT for U):) Healing through HELPING!!!! xox. blessings and happy Friday!

I feel my life needs or gets to consist of a great balance of ZEN STATE and EXCITEMENT… bridging the two is my “life’s creation”:)

Shabbat and friends…. healing, feeling, and being….. what will happen tomorrow?

Chabad was so awesome today..I must confess, I feel like i have experienced much of what the Rabbi talked about when reading this weekend’s Haftorah Portion…. wild stuff, indeed!

Tired today…. it’s Sunday…..why not rest?

I don’t care what anyone says… “Life requires PLANNING and FLEXIBILITY”….. One without the other just cannot sustain the rugged terrain….[her initials, redacted]……. Don’t plan to fail, Don’t Fail To PLAN, create your path and take a stand… Sometimes we rise, sometimes we fall, yet in the end, we can drive to the mall. lol.. Only fun intended

some times good things fall apart so better things can fall together… (quote I read)

Last year I was busy just going with the flow…. my Bubi had major surgery, I surrendered ” the need to know everything” in exchange for loving fully by my gut, I was going to jump and create a family, I got to experience complete love and compassion within myself, and i lost my mind in exchange for feeling my heart… I got closer to my family, I traveled around, I came back… I learned how to allow my heart to mend… I actually grieved…. I had never really done so before… I went after what i wanted (a bit) …. I looked at all the lessons I needed to learn to take an official stand as an adult…. i trusted people that i would not have before… i let go and now I let in Shul….. I love the children and people around me, and I give to all…. Not too shabby for a curly white girl from Bucks County.. lol. night night to all! blessings too…

Soon it’ll be time to get into BUSINESS MODE again… nothing like a little wake-up call…

Thank goodness I know how to ” kick some freakin ass”! ( i used to feel guilty about this and now I know I am a good lady…. so if you MESS with me, get ready to be screwed by something… someone… or some force…. Baruch hashem

I need to be connected to a great Philly Tax Attorney… or somewhere in that vicinity… Any suggestions

the world could use some more compassionate people in it… don’t you think?

Someone just told me that i made a difference in his life. i feel honored.. i do not normally hear that even though I know i show up.. keep the love flowing.. Much gratitude!




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