Crazy Female Facebook Friends, Part Six

The posts below are from a “Facebook friend” of mine, whom I’ve never met.

These posts were made between March 20th and April 3rd, 2012.

From what I can deduce, she’s 35 years-old, Jewish, from Philadelphia, and lives nearby in Palm Beach County. She doesn’t have kids, but she does have a dog.

My FAVORITE part about her posts are the capitalized words. You see, crazy people do THIS in their writing because they require MORE attention than the REST of us. 

Oh yeah, she’s into Kabbalah and “mysticism.” ‘Nuff said.

(Her previous posts can be found herehereherehere and here.)

The TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE….and then forgiveness is all I can see… no one wants problems…. most people really just want peace in their lives… love, happiness, productivity, and peace… comfort, truth, joy, compassion, forgiveness, excitement, and the BALANCE OF THE ABOVE…learning the key ingredients and the proper proportions of each is the life’s journey… possibly…i see this… I shall let the soup settle….. great lesson for today….The Truth Soup… Think they’d start carrying this at Poppy’s? [a deli/restaurant]

Ok. just found this horoscope… ready?: any moves that are being pushed upon me this week are essential and meant to be. So I need to accept them with good graces. Money may be a little tight now but this all changes at the beginning of this next month. I have some great ideas that may be put to use right now and I will earn extra money and/or benefits from them later on. It appears that this is not a good time to keep secrets as they just might be revealed… This is oddly interesting to real life form right now… wow….I wonder if someone is hiding something from me? secrets do not serve anyone…. Right?

Karmic clearing is quite cleansing….. Each and every person that I know is important to me…. All I ask for is that I am treated with respect and I will treat you with respect too… Say what you need to.. say it to my face… we can address it, laugh, bicker, or chuckle, and then move past it…. Nothing is too small or too big.. just share your feelings and I will share mine.. or vice versa… whichever comes first… without the feelings, there is no relationship…. bring yours and i’ll bring mine… we can make “feeling soup”….stir it up…. be gentle with it when it’s too HOT… let it all settle… and then look at the parts….

Clean what your mind sees.. or clean up your mind and see through a clearer lens… then all will appear brighter than it may actually be… but the HD is well worth the trip…. ( remember not to be fooled by your filter…. enjoy for you and hope that others wish to be, do, and have a similar perspective) good vs evil.. u choose…win/win..

There may be times when we observe our dearest friends and lovers acting out in irrational and destructive ways… It is my hope and BELIEF for myself and in honor of my beloveds, that I will do my best to STAND UP and SPEAK up in order to reflect any of my concerns for such people. I’d much rather be wrong in my evaluation of a situation rather than pretend that I DO NOT SEE WHAT I AM SEEing… Stand up for me and I’ll STAND up and be by your side too…. for better and/ or for the sticky…

No looking back…. after allowing the questions that were suppressed from before, I feel free to just BE and see what is on it’s way to ME:)….always have my back… thanks guys… i share my “growing up” process bc I never want anyone to think that they are going at it alone….No one ever shared their trials and tribulations of life with me… so I want to be the change….


I have sweet people in my state.. thank you and i am grateful for all of u…….it really takes a village to raise “a [her name, redacted]”.. lol

My views are expanding in some ways and yet my focus is becoming more narrow…. All that glitters is most definitely not gold… this I know.. this is why I’ve dulled down my diamond for a while… blending in has helped me to learn balance and to really see the other side of things….

Taking the toilet paper from my shoe and throwing it away today….. People worry about weird stuff in Florida… Let’s face it, if you put yourself in a quiet spot and mind your business, it’s a really simple life here.. really.. I still miss NYC….. will connect the two and all will be perfect!

let’s make money

tonight felt amazing….. spent an hr and a half at shul…..after a few weeks hiatus

so i am supposed to rise above it all…..this is freakin tough, i tell ya!

work time.. no bs.. just focus… no more need for sensitive propaganda…

one whole year of learning and growing A LOT!!! Thank goodness I loved myself enough to jump and have faith that no matter what the outcome, that which showed up in my life was and is always as perfect as it needed and needs to be… Now let me ask for what I REALLY want and what I really deserve…. ONLY THE BEST! Why has it been so hard all of these yrs? I could just look at my A.M. and U. M. and then the answers are [her last name, redacted] Clear.. When no one ever shows up, we sometimes forget to ever ask again… F that! I’m asking now!:) xo lol

Why can’t people do the honorable thing when it comes to money? If you are working with a company and promoting it with your heart and soul, when it goes the wrong way, why not just come clean and admit it ??? What is so hard??…at least, i am thinking, that when we admit we were wrong or on the wrong path, yet we took others with us, then we can recommit or come up with a new strategy either together or alone, and clean up a poor situation… vs pretending something never existed.. let us take respond–ability:) can we try it on or out?

I had the most magnificent day today….. It started at the Palm Beach Airport… then onto the Island… then to 2 new Shuls on Palm Beach… met some fantastic people… then Boca, Bal Harbor, back to Boca.. Delray… now home to the puppy.. My kindof day… The movement and connections keep me happy, sane, and smiling….. Oh wait.. great friends too! I guess when I asked for more the other day… I really GET TO HAVE THIS NOW! ahhh Hope yours was great too..‎:) It feels good to finally allow myself to accept the life that I know I was born to live… No more playing small, I guess.. lol…‎:) more, more, more, please…. 34 years in the making… almost 35.. i was getting tired and a bit bored… but just a little.. hehe.:) thank u:)

Howdy all…….Remember this, I forget every now and again when I come across people that I do not initially gel with: Someone may forget what you said, they may forget what you were wearing, BUT they will always remember HOW YOU TREATED THEM and subsequently HOW THEY FELT WHILE DEALING WITH YOU…. ok, so how come in the business world, do people still use stronghold tactics and threats to get their way? Oh wait, is it bc the business world is NOT so enlightened? Just asking?? lol

If u could have anything in the world, what would you want?

Boundaries…. the reality appears as there are so many differing types bc there are so many differing perspectives in the world… My boundary may not be yours.. or even close… so let’s communicate and put our thoughts and feelings out there so others can respect yours and vice versa…. Please

I get a new IT today.. (like everyday, but this is today:) lol…I will bridge the GAP between faiths… I only say I am Jewish bc I love my BUBI and my culture… I enjoy all kinds of people from all sorts of backgrounds…. Y not just respect everyone , so they can respect me also??? WASPs, Jews, Catholics, Christians, Johovah’s Witnesses.. whomever… Let’s just try to accept eachother.. It cannot hurt when we simply ALLOW ALL To BE!

y do I care about everybody? Can someone help me out with this one??? explain.. or try..any takers?

Ok, I LOVE to HELP “GREAT PEOPLE” SEE THEMSELVES CLEARLY!!!!!! Anyone in need? I may just have something good to share with you…

my life.. my work is “living”:) apparently…. who wants to play?

time to JUST LET GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I attended the coolest Shabbat Service EVER tonight in P.B…..- I felt like I was on Broadway:) The kids were adorable, the Cantor and his wife are so talented, and the Rabbi is the most interesting individual I may have ever met … and boy does he know how to work with his audience… What a night…..!!!!! Shabbat Shalom and happy Friday night to ALL!

‎:) I may be rediculously honest at times… to the point where people look at me funny.. lol.. LIKE..”who the heck is that honest?”

nice thoughts of inspiration to remind us all to stay the course, BE LOVE, and to NEVER give IN .. perhaps GIVE UP to the UNIVERSE though… together we all make a great team.. apart we create dissension..( and who needs to be dissed anyway?:) lol. ENJOY

I just realized that I have bought and given away more “things” in my lifetime… I just tried to remember all the things I have owned and suddenly my mind remembered things that I had forgotten about for quite some time… This life is a REAL TRIP.. that is FO SHO!!!:) lol

Old friends can be great friends when they have good hearts.. the mind grows up to match the heart… synergy

i still miss these guys [while displaying a photo from the 1970s, of her granny and granddad) as a duo.. they made my life so much fun and full of faith… thanks again for the memories…

and afterall, WE LOVE MONEY.. lmao… maybe I took a break for a long time, but I still love the power it brings… inside and out… BALANCE…

Ok.. i must remind myself that not everyone understands my humor, especially not my “written humor”….. i am putting myself on notice…. good night all…. i will try to TONE myself down to avoid causing myself misunderstandings with others… and myself.. how about that for progress…:) wish me luck

I learned or reinforced a LOT of GREAT LESSONS today and TONIGHT.. It was an excellent SHABBAT this week… some might even be proud of me.. I a PROUD to be me and to Know ME:) thanks

Good morning fb…. Confession of the morning…. I prefer to be honest, yet once or twice, I jumped on the bandwagon of others’ games and unfortunately I got “the bug”… Meaning: I do not like being played for a fool…. so I found my old hurt, anger, and resentment from within and used it as fuel to fire up my engine…. ( coffee and caffeine have similar effects on me oddly enough) ……..( f…

Ok, now this sums it up…. I get my friends who say they have no faith… I understand why they struggle now… moreso than not .. or repress their feelings.. like I keep saying, I am Jewish not bc I think I am different than anyone else… it is just the kind of faith that was shown to me growing up.. It was joyous to be Jewish… even with the guilt and indigestion from eating too much.. lol….

I remembered this AM that it is April Fool’s Day and then I was going to write “please, no April Fool’s Jokes…” and now everyone seems to be pregnant and announcing it today… hmmm:) well, a congratulations here or there for good measures couldn’t hurt anyone….:) lol… I am flying to space on Richard Branson’s Newest Airliner after Ashton Kutcher…:)

Tell me something else that I do not know…. please

Learned a lot today after seeing my cousin at the JCC Campus in her performance as Nala… Spent the day with family and friends… drove a lot….more tomorrow.. so tired now… nite nite

I feel that working with children and people with “other” abilities is quite rewarding and takes the focus off of our own trivial issues…. xo

ff to make the doughnuts… yes, to some that means WORK… My friends, please do not have a heart-attack… I will come up for air soon….lol


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