Crazy Female Facebook Friends, Part Seven

The posts below are from a “Facebook friend” of mine, whom I’ve never met.

These posts were made between April 4th and April 17th, 2012.

From what I can deduce, she’s 35 years-old, Jewish, from Philadelphia, and lives nearby in Palm Beach County. She doesn’t have kids, but she does have a dog.

My FAVORITE part about her posts are the capitalized words. You see, crazy people do THIS in their writing because they require MORE attention than the REST of us. 

Oh yeah, she’s into Kabbalah and “mysticism.” ‘Nuff said.

(Her previous posts can be found hereherehereherehere and here.)

When someone is in your life who shifts a bit….. repeatedly….. and it causes you to feel uncomfortable or even fearful, then perhaps it is time not to look at the behavior pattern anymore… Some people want to grow and be more sensitive, while others just want to make anyone feel as poorly as they do inside to make themselves feel better…. Please never allow anyone to try to dim your light… if they cannot find and learn how to light theirs and hold onto the light, maybe they just belong “to the dark” pile…. amen…. U do not need to sit by and watch chaos OVER and OVER again… ( a cycle means they may just have a chemical imbalance) Let them get help…. thanks…

SUCCESS = Lots of Playtime! right?

THREE SIMPLE RULES IN LIFE…1. If you do not GO after what you want, you’ll never have it…2. If you do not ASK, the answer will always be NO…3. If you do not step forward, you’ll always be in the same place……‎:). what other purpose can I serve, other than informing and inviting…I liked when Justin Timberlake used the song for Mila Kunis in the last film I sw.. forgot the name .. and everyone started dancing in the train station. was awesome and took me back to that moment…or something like that… it was in the movie… anyway.. lmao

where’s my maid when I need her.. oh wait.. she’s my best friend… i would not hire someone I did not love as my own family.. and they would all be treated with the uttmost respect bc they’d be supporting me as I would equally be supporting them. I cannot wait. I will be the change… I promise this to myself a long time ago and so help me god, I will will live it before I close my eyes in this body!

when u finally know and embrace who u really r, perhaps then and only then, is IT (this life) Not so darn hard…..

If the world runs on DUNKIN’……does that mean we are all on ADRENAL OVERLOAD?

Y not opt for FAITH? IT CANNOT HURT.. Promise….

i do not share with you for the purpose of complaining… Sharing is the name of this girl’s game! What could I possibly have to lose? Really.. xoxo

Was a crazy day today…. change is eminent…sanity is always preferred… a tight, messed up spine is never a great state to live in…. Any Network Chiropractors in my area> I surly need one with a big heart NOW! (or any energy healer for that matter..) ugh.. Great night with FABULOUS girlfriends….the Ave served us well.. Afterall, we gotta make the best of it… right?

TO ALL: yesterday was an example of CHAOS… Today is a new day… busy busy busy…. don’t waste your time being overly attached… cause when u do, you don’t make space for new to shine through.. ( like a Florida Rain shower) It comes and then it goes…Life too…. if u choose (R.S)

ok.. lately i have been trying the opposite due to present company. ahhh. i see this is true. i never have backaches unless i am around peeps who are miserable… ugh

Sometimes it can take just one, seemingly teeny, tiny, act of kindness that can set the chain of healing in motion…. like saying “I am sorry, I love you, please forgive me, and let’s have a drink to celebrate”…. We are free now… ( kind of.. depending on your perspective… and yet, more politically free than before and religiously speaking, in comparison to many years ago.., so why not free OURSELVES from the ungly cobwebs that bind and let EGO GO and the need to be right…. let’s just be peace-filled and LOVE…. even if we just start for the FIRST TIME, TODAY!!!! please try for me…. I will appreciate it soooooooooooooo much! xo . Happy Holidays everyone…. see you soon.

I am really starting to see “the whole picture” now…. what a year.. what a wake-up call…. just what i needed to WAKE THE F UP! Thank you! Thank u! Thank u! My ship looks “slow moving” to most, yet I promise, my insides are getting ready for the greatest journey of my life…. Oh BOY!…u know where i BE. EVERYWHERE.. hehe…….I invite you to accept yourself just as you are….

It takes a VILLAGE…….enjoy your day filled with camaraderie… it will only benefit all of us in the end..

Ok, you will either find this off The wall or extremely funny and cute.. My little friend [redacted] wanted to see [the Crazy FB Friend’s small dog] in her [Little Tikes-brand infant] swing!;) and so it is!

Lots of Interesting Occurrences Today…. it felt great to give and share… and to receive too! xo. Chag Sameach …. and Happy Easter too

It can take a really long time to realize that you have much in common with people who you initially did not understand and vice versa… Yet when the realization finally hits, it can be like a BIG BOOM! POOF…. y didn’t I get it sooner? You got it when it was time to get it…. and that’s LIFE!:)

If I hadn’t moved down to Florida for a decade or so, I do not know if I would have the broad-spectrum respect and understanding of different people and cultures as I have developed since being down here… When I go back into the “other” world, I will most certainly be better prepared to make A BIG DIFFERENCE!L) THanks FLORIDA!

Shul is where it’s at…. Chag Sameach to all who celebrate and Erev Shabbat Shalom too..

Patience, patience, patience… darn, I caould have been a Dr., PhD, or a DOC:) lol by now….or a spelling teacher. lol. ( look above) Ok, comedian……typist?

sometimes in our “evolution” we go backwards ( seemingly) to go forwards… it really is not as it seems… we are just ” in completion of some “stuff” we left behind… then after we complete… WE MOVE FORWARD.. ( in my opinion) Yay, I have opinions!

God Bless AMERICA and Facebook! ahhhhh…. even Shul… too lol

on a sharing roll….. (role) hehe.. i am sure it will continue to roll on over..

Shabbat Shalom. Hey.. Shabbat Shalom, Hey… Shabbat Shabbat Shabbat Shabbat Shalom. HEY!

🙂 luck be a lady….. tooooooo night…. ( Sinatra and i feel like this post had merit)

Last one for the morning… break time, shul, and friends…. ahhhh…. xxoxoxoxoxxoxoo….. the pain that was yesterday, has happily transformed itslef into inspiration… words to the wise… always GO THROUGH THE PAIN by ALLOWING WHATEVER TO SHOW UP AND BE OK…. it will move out the way the clouds in Florida do…. one breeze at a time..:) bye loves.

Another Big Day Today..

love, love, love…. some do not believe me when i show up this way and they tell me to wake up bc the world is “NOT LIKE THAT [Crazy FB Friend] “…. well I came from “the real world”, got off for a bit, and now I will be back with BOTH…. LOVE and a “sharp tongue and wit”, just in case I need to put someone in their place… ( settle down….. , a few of my friends will say….” you don’t need to do that… they are an extension of u… why would someone else bother you?, u smelt it , you dealt it; etc. etc. etc.) I get your views, but I invite you to play in the “BIG money world” and see how far that gets you.
Love, flowers, and blessings… xoxox. -happy Sunday too… just because

little girls, with big beautiful hearts and souls… never piss in their Cheerios…. Piss in your own if you must… but leave theirs alone:) xo


Really good things are happening for my friends…….. I am pleased:)) to see everyone growing…. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

What are the top 5 things that people in South Florida seem to be struggling with now?

I know and LOVE some pretty amazing people…. My life’s journey seemed to revolve around finding and allowing some nice people into my world…. and traveling with them through the rest of our lives…. Believe it or not, I believe I have a bunch of really wonderful, evolved, loving, caring, creative and special people in my world now… So I guess this means at 34, if have done some pretty good work… ( creating, manifesting, and allowing) Not too shabby for this little “controlling” girl… lol…

“There will be no light to SEE until you choose to OPEN your EYES”, says ME…. Well, unless you choose to walk BY FAITH, then the light is there BECAUSE YOU BELIEVE:) U choose:) -[Crazy FB Friend’s initials]

Who needs babysitters?

Great friends show up at trying times. I love it! Keep going … always

I got the support that I needed from a few oldies, yet goodies:) xoxo. u all know who u r.. thank you very much!

high high pizza pie

holy tamales

sugar sugar sharabutt

things that make me go hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


Some people make it super easy to support…. while others present challenges… interesting



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