The posts below are from a “Facebook friend” of mine, whom I’ve never met.

These posts were made between February 9th and February 16th, 2012. From what I can deduce, she’s 35 years-old, Jewish, from Philadelphia, and lives nearby in Palm Beach County. She doesn’t have kids, but does have a dog.

My FAVORITE part about her posts are the capitalized words. You see, crazy people do this in their writing because they require MORE attention than the REST of us. 

Oh yeah, she’s into Kabbalah and “mysticism.” ‘Nuff said.

(Her previous posts can be found here.)

oh yeah..been there and got the the t-shirt does not fit so well anymore…. time for a new one I guess.. and a new “in over my head” experience…. lol.xo.. U r the BEST. have I told u this lately?

‎”Maybe a man a few words, but words that hit below the belt and carry a strong punch…. ripples felt for miles”

o few, that “of” was left out!

How much would you pay to get what you want? Name your price? And can U be bought?

Having fun this morning…. even with a small malfunction… finding the brightest side and running with it…. Question…. Can SEX really make or break a MAN? Interested to hear your views….

I love powerful (power-filled men…) men who DO NOT use sex as a vehicle to promote their power… that is all…

It’s so nice when OUR EQUALS “present themselves…..” Quite a PRESENT! Thanks.

Connected with all my ex’s today… They are all my friends and all have great respect for me… By sharing a few moments in and of my life with very special people, I build friendships with beings who knows and care about my best interests..and vice versa… That’s good stuff to me! Can’t beat it.. Cannot buy it! Just is! xo

Which do you believe….? The enemies of my friends are my enemies or the enemies of my friends are my friends?

OMG….. I just pulled a business card out from my wallet and connected with someone I had a meeting with back in 2002… then ran into this person while serving jury duty…. now this seems to be the miracle I have been praying for… Being positive and loving may just be the key to DIVINITY… (success and happiness)

7:18 is good luck..

so here is the moral of my story… (for me) when I send out lots of love, even to those who I feel have not treated me the best, I receive even MORE LOVE from other sources… Bottom line… I’m not going to change caring about people.. even if i feel they are not at my level… whatever that means… (or simply, on my wavelength.. there, I neutralized the statement…) I don’t wish to settle for less than the magnificent individual that I am and only wish to find that in someone else….

Sharing this so anyone who is in it understands that there are ways to rise above it.. step over it.. make new choices… deal with your past… make room for the PRESENT.. and live in the NOW…. naturally… try… Be, Do Have… LIFE!!!! [name redacted] requested the share… so i am sharing bc I am [name redacted] and I care…. deeply for the well-being of all….even the ones who act out in anger… especially the angry ones…. heal with love and understanding.. compassion and conviction…. and for fuck’s sake.. learn to laugh at yourself.. it’s a gift…. xo

I am having an “AH HA” about love… sometimes people need you to love them the only way that they know how to receive and interpret love… It may not be the same way as U know love to look, but if u really love them and they ASK, u can be given the opportunity to satisfy your need to love and be loved at the same time, as well as respect the other person’s need to stay safe and neutral… It may need to be silent or behind the scenes so as not to jeopardize their present lives.. ( I am not condoning cheating, for your info) This reference is much more simple and sincere in nature…. Every once in a while there comes a situation where a person cannot be in charge of everything in his life and he must obey the commands of another…. In order to survive, he will take orders from someone bc he has to… It may not be where his true heart lies, but it must be done… The only thing left for you to be, IS SIMPLY HIS FRIEND… bc that is what he really needs the most.. and that IS WHERE THE TRUEST LOVE SERVES:)))( an unconditionally loving and genuine friend is the GREATEST GIFT THAT ONE CAN BE..) LOVE U!!! PROMISE. JUST THE WAY THAT U R and just the way that U NEED…. I need(ed) that too! Took a while to get it right…. but It’s simple!

Money is the proof! Spirit- U- ality.. (state of being)… is a wonderful PLATFORM by which great POWERS and POWERHOUSES can manifest (generate) MORE of everything… more Generosity, (Philanthropy), Abundance, and JOY! Challenge more, play more, enjoy more, and create more time to love freely and be with OUR children… Be the Change that we WISH to see… That which we did NOT experience as youngsters, IS the gift ( and FUEL) that drives us today… Hopefully in THE HEALTHIEST WAY…. so WE CAN PLAY OUT OUR LIVES…. “OUR WAY!!!” Lesson of the day… Do whatcha gotta do to be free to live as U SEE… FIT… FOR A KING… and then go GET your QUEEN!…. and make cutie-pies… with beautiful EYES.. to SEE the world…. as U wish u had… without strings, headaches, or ultimatums… Leave em behind. ( as much as u can) humans waiver… but you catch my drift… It’s ALL about the FLAVOR! and so u can stop feeling MIFFED… ( at the world) Bc U R THE GIFT!!! GET IT????? do u?

All moments bring me lessons that assist me in creating a better ME!

Some people leverage other people for money, power, and personal gain…. Wild, isn’t it… simply wild…

If u want the answers, simply ask me the questions… If you do not know how, than u may not have the right to examine them behind my back.. for it will only get you in trouble.. in some way or another….

And WE ALL LEARN TOGETHER… no one is better or worse… we all share and we all grow… My kind of WORLD! The kind that i want my children to grow up in! [She has no children.]

There’s a fine line between being a strong, independent woman and being sensitive and loving… Can you identify this feature in people when you meet them?

Sometimes you just have to lean back and surrender to taking what you want. LOL.

Ok, time for the BIG LEAGUES.. I am so bored it’s not funny… ( except I can find value in the boring moments too…) How to make sense from this, I will never know…) ah, that’s bullshit…. I decided to always feel a bit of happiness and to find the best in every moment even if the moments are not as I really WANt them to be… A bit of compromise, perhaps.. but it has served me for a bit…. Now I WANT MORE!!!!! Allow it and it shall come… ( I freakin hope, it does, anyway) Let US Pray !

the “growing up” game has been tough for this over-achieving gal who wants it all… go figure…

I must say.. all my days are great… even after i make a comment about boredom, things get snazzy!!! like u wouldn’t believe.. Quite the day:) xo.

We all Learn together and nobody gets hurt! lol… Happy valentine’s Day to ALL on FB!

Freedom from those who do not wish us the best, is THE BEST!…

No one has the Golden Egg for anyone else…. Those of us who are looking to others for “their” answers…. about OUR lives, r going to be sadly mistaken when all of a sudden we realize that we are living SOMEONE ELSE’S STORY… WRITE YOUR OWN… learn skills and strategies from others, BUT CREATE YOUR OWN REALITY! MAKE YOUR OWN MISs-TAKES…. MAKE NEW-TAKES when the MISs -TAKES do not seem like the right fit for you…. No one is YOUR messiah… U R YOUR LEADER,,, so lead YOURSELF… with the support of those around you who care about you…. REALLY…………..

To me, it is never wise to sacrifice your life for someone else. Better to create a strong foundation for yourself and then assist others in need of support and help guide them how to be, do, and have a similar foundation of strength, support, abundance, and success.. A.K.A- personal fulfillment..

U can buy a lot of things… Nature is not one of them;)



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