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If Only They’d Do This With Restaurants, Shopping Centers…

Posted in General Interest on September 26, 2012 by RickNews

The folks over at Air Asia have established a “kid-free” zone on some of their flights.

For those who don’t want to stew in the smells and screams of your infant, the first seven rows of economy class are verboten to people under 12 years of age. Best of all, there’s no additional cost for this, either.

Read the story here.



Give Lindsay a Hand!

Posted in General Interest on September 20, 2012 by RickNews

This blog is simply genius: all it has are images of Lindsay Lohan. Without hands.

Stumps up, LiLo!

Some WW2 Posters For Ya

Posted in General Interest on September 14, 2012 by RickNews

All images fromĀ


How to Watch Girls

Posted in General Interest on September 12, 2012 by RickNews

June, 1959: two generations removed from the ladylike Nicki Minaj and the demure Kim Kardashian. In those innocent, pre-Internet days, young men “girl watched,” and the preeminent publication devoted to the sport was, of course, Girl Watcher magazine. Here’s an issue, in its entirety.

Alpaca or cashmere?


Here’s a great page from the issue, on choosing “the Greatest Love Goddess.” Incredibly, many are still alive, like Zsa Zsa, Kim, Brigitte, Jill and June.

Gabor’s definitely the eldest at a sprightly 95.

Happy Patriot Day!

Posted in General Interest on September 11, 2012 by RickNews

Join us and Tom Brady in remembering the 2,977.

TSY Covers The Stones

Posted in Music on September 10, 2012 by RickNews

The Selvedge Yard is one of my favorite blogs and they recently published a great piece on the Rolling Stones’ time in Montauk, New York, with Andy Warhol in 1975.

Check it out here.

Warhol and Jagger, 1975.

The Iconic Sony…Soundabout..?

Posted in General Interest on September 10, 2012 by RickNews

From April, 1980’s Popular Science comes this piece on the new electronic gizmos about to debut. Prominently placed in the center is the $200 Sony “Soundabout,” which as we all know, was renamed to the catchier “Walkman.” Check out that nifty VCR, too, here.


$200 for a Walkman in 1980 is, like, $560 in today’s money.

I’ll Have What He’s Having

Posted in General Interest on September 7, 2012 by RickNews

Archaeologists have posited that “Funky” was a fashion line in the 1970s. Whether or not a woman had to have a county “mistress” license is not known…

The above gentleman is obviously a “Mistress collector.”

Glad I Don’t Have a Daughter, Part 9

Posted in Automobiles, General Interest on September 6, 2012 by RickNews

(Inked-up skank not included with purchase.)

From the product description here:

The Platinum Stage Hitch Pole is the worlds [sic] only dancer pole that can be attached to the ball hitch of any truck or SUV…

Here’s Your Streetdancin’ Man

Posted in General Interest on September 5, 2012 by RickNews

Believe it or not, L.A. Gear shoes were some of the most popular kicks on the market. (Not to me, mind you.)

Here, we have an ad for their “Streetdancer” line. I guess one can’t “streetdance” without tucking one’s pants into one’s socks.

Remember to tuck your pant legs in!