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I Bet Obamacare Covers This

Posted in General Interest, Music on December 23, 2012 by RickNews

From GlobalPost:

In Sweden, a headbanger has succeeded in having his heavy metal music obsession declared an addiction that requires state disability benefits.

Roger Tullgren, 42, a heavily tattooed metal head who works as a dishwasher in southern Sweden, said he consulted three psychologists to receive statements testifying to the extent of his heavy metal music dependency, reports the Local, a Swedish news website.

The piece goes on,

Tullgren, who is described as having long black hair, tattoos and a collection of skull and crossbones jewelry, said his heavy metal addiction caused him to attend nearly 300 concerts last year that left him unable to hold down a job, and forced to go on welfare.

His new part-time job as a dishwasher at a restaurant in the city of Hassleholm will be supplemented by disability benefits.

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New Orleans Prostitutes, 100 Years Ago

Posted in General Interest on December 21, 2012 by RickNews

These are images of streetwalkers in the Storyville area of New Orleans, taken in 1912.


More found here.

People Actually Wore These Glasses

Posted in General Interest on December 19, 2012 by RickNews

Once upon a time, in the era known as the 1980s, fashion itself was a “new frontier.” Sometimes, fashion got it right and other times, wrong. The latter applied to the Cazal “luxury eyewear” brand: a pair of Cazals in the Reagan decade meant nueveau-riche…or rapper. Either way, a pejorative.

Amazingly, Cazals are “in” again…with rappers, again.


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“It’s On,” by Flowered Up. You’re Welcome.

Posted in Music on December 13, 2012 by RickNews

From their Wikipedia entry:

The band was formed in mid-1989 by singer Liam Maher, along with his younger brother Joe (guitar). After a few changes in personnel, the settled line-up included Tim Dorney (keyboards), Andy Jackson (bass guitar), and John Tuvey (drums), with dancer Barry Mooncult adding to their live shows. After releasing two singles (“It’s On” and “Phobia”) on Heavenly Records, both of which were minor hits, Flowered Up signed to London Records and recorded their only album, A Life With Brian, in 1991. “Take It” had lyrics from Joe Strummer. The group appeared on the covers of both Melody Maker and NME before releasing the album.

A Life With Brian contained many of their popular live songs, as well as new versions of the previously released singles. Not long afterwards, Flowered Up released the 13-minute long single “Weekender” on Heavenly,[2] with a video directed by W.I.Z. starring Lee Whitlock and Anna Haigh. After much publicised drug problems with some members of the band, and unproductive (and some unreleased) studio work, the band split up. Keyboardist Tim Dorney went on to form Republica.

A Life With Brian was re-released by London Records as The Best of Flowered Up, and included the original version of “Weekender”. Flowered Up tried to re-form in 2007, but Dorney refused, and the planned reunion tour was cancelled. On 20 October 2009, Liam Maher died of a heroin overdose, aged 41. In November 2012 Joe Maher died.


This 42-Year-Old Calendar’s Models Are Cooler Than You, Miss Thang

Posted in General Interest on December 11, 2012 by RickNews

Lissen up, all you youngsters and “millennials!” The women in this 1970 calendar, promoting that chic Italian scooter brand, Lambretta, are way hipper than you.


And her scooter is hipper than your Prius C.

The fashion and the scooter’s design wouldn’t look out of place at Fashion Week.

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Philly Girl Phight!

Posted in General Interest on December 7, 2012 by RickNews

From the city of class and brotherly love, Philadelphia, comes this video to get you in the mood fo’ the holiday season.

Two girls enter the fistagon…yet only one will emerge with dry pants. Let the games begin!

This Dog Loves A Good Bath

Posted in General Interest on December 5, 2012 by RickNews

Benny loves taking a bath, see?

I Love NY!

Posted in General Interest on December 4, 2012 by RickNews

That paradigm of integrity, the New York Post newspaper, is in hot water again–and this time the seas are deadly.  Make that subways.


Seems the Post published a photo on its cover, of a man about to be killed by a moving train. Check out the story here.

Tasteless? No. In Madhattanstan, they’re all “rats in a cage…suicide a go-go.”