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Meanwhile, in Myrtle Beach

Posted in General Interest on September 30, 2013 by RickNews

The Smoking Gun says this might be the most brilliant police report ever filed by a cop. I agree; it’s almost as if Hemingway wrote it.

This cop’s got a future in pro prose.


Here are the lucky “ladies” who engaged in combat at the swanky hotel:


No horns, but close: The ET on the left makes the skank on the right look like Duchess Kate.


Before the Sun Rises

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Shot with an iPhone 5S, un-retouched


Grand Slammed…by His Wife

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It seems life’s rough for Thibault Hutin: the guy is married to tennis star Martina Hingis, and lately, the couple’s life has been like GTA V.

Thibauld is no longer Martina Hingis’ ball-boy.


According to reports, Hutin claims that the former world numero-uno, her Slavic mom, and her Slavic mom’s b/f jumped him in his apartment. Among the weapons used to batter the horseman was a DVD player.

Thibault claims that he caught Martina netting another dude’s balls and called “foul” on their union after little more than a year. Guess “love” really does mean “zero” in tennis.

Read the article here.

America’s Scariest Road…

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Beware the ghost boy who throws coins…and those dangerous curves.

Read the article here.

…And This is Why He’s Called “Money” Mayweather

Posted in General Interest on September 25, 2013 by RickNews

There are professional athletes and there are sportsmen. Then there are world-famous athletes, such as Usain Bolt or Roger Federer. Then there are one-word names, such as Tiger or Peyton.

Then there’s Floyd Money Mayweather, arguably the greatest pugilist of all-time. The son of boxer Floyd Mayweather, Floyd Jr. was “bred” to be a champion, by his father and his uncle.  Undefeated after 45 fights, Mayweather is on track to better Rocky Marciano’s record of 49 wins and 0 losses.

Not all are “blinged-out.” Dig the AP Don Ramon in rose gold on the top row.


Yet, what makes Money “oh-so-money” is the unabashed flaunting of his wealth. While Tiger prefers to float on a boat called “Privacy,” Money prefers to flaunt his sports bets; his $6,500,000 wristwatch collection; his fleet of white supercars (can’t get classier than white); his fleet of black luxury cars; and his wads of yes, money.

Enjoy more about Money here and know that you’re watching the Greatest blow his cash in really cool ways.

Putin This in Your Pipe and Smoke It

Posted in General Interest on September 24, 2013 by RickNews

Vlad Putin, the current dictator of Russia, is probably one of the coolest world leaders out there. He’s got a rockin’ wristwatch collection , which is pretty impressive, considering he’s a public servant with a salary of about $180,000 a year. (Some say he’s amassed a fortune to the tune of $70 billion, which makes Bill Gates jealous because, let’s face it, Bill doesn’t have nukes.) He’s also into martial arts and killing beautiful and exotic animals. Sorta like a 17-year-old Arkansas boy with a lot of money…

Vladimir Putin and his puppy

VP can’t be all bad…he loves puppies!


Yet, the most shocking thing I’ve heard about “VP the VIP” is that there’s a “cult” of his “worshipers” here in the Good Ol’ U.S.A.!  Check out the nuts here.

Secret? Yeah, I’d be real secret, too, about this one.

Lamborghini Cut in Half

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Lamborghinis are cars for valets. That is, they’re more for impressing others than driving. If they don’t catch on fire, that is. Or, if they don’t break down.

Here’s a new, $400,000 Aventador, that’s just been turned into two $200,000 Lambos. By an old Mazda sedan (not a fire truck, a sanitation truck, or a herd of bulls)..!

Read the story here.

Mooning You

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Shot with an iPhone 5S. Not bad for low light.


Sex Bombs Away!

Posted in Music on September 18, 2013 by RickNews

Sir Tom Jones, the greatest Welshman since Richard, Lord Burton, performing “Sex Bomb.” Uncle Tom doesn’t deliver his bombs via drone–it’s up close and personal in this video.

Eich bod yn croesawu.

Can You Handle the VU?

Posted in Music on September 17, 2013 by RickNews

“Venus in Furs,” by the Velvet Underground. No need to thank me now. Thank me later.