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No Wonder KFC Is So Popular In China

Posted in General Interest on March 30, 2012 by RickNews

As we know, China gets all the sexiest astronauts, due to a stringent selection process. Now comes word from a city in the world’s largest Communist nation of a delicacy called, “Virgin Boy Eggs.”

The recipe calls for soaking eggs in the piss of boys under ten years of age and then–sorry, I just gagged.

You’ll have to visit this link for more details.

"Smells egg-traordinarily disgusting."

By the way: guess the city’s name… You got it: Dongyang. 


China Gets All The Hot Astronauts

Posted in General Interest on March 28, 2012 by RickNews

What with over a billion and a half people, the government of China can be picky about who gets to ride a rocket ship into space.

For the fairer sex, that means no decaying teeth, Cesarean scars, or body odor.


Space: hotties only, please.

So far, two lucky lasses have been selected…

Read the article here.

Taking Care Of Business In Afghanistan

Posted in General Interest on March 27, 2012 by RickNews

While you’re complaining about gasoline prices to feed your SUV and which presidential candidate loves the unborn the most, real American men and women are in “the shit” over in Afghanistan.

Direct from “in-country” comes this high-def video of a real, honest-to-goodness firefight. It ain’t what Hollywood spoon-feeds ya and it ain’t Modern Warfare 3.

It’s much, much better than that.

Enjoy some USA TCB in AFG…

Listen Up, Lazy Americans!

Posted in General Interest on March 26, 2012 by RickNews

It’s no wonder that the Japanese build the best cars, TVs, and personal care devices–they’re an innovate people with an eye on detail.

They’re also bat-shit crazy about getting to work on time, as evidenced by the video below, which was featured on the hit TV show, Time Is Money.

Droppin’ Loads

Posted in General Interest on March 23, 2012 by RickNews

The Department of Defense has thousands of troops located in remote parts of Afghanistan. There are few roads around, which makes supply delivery by truck nearly impossible. Also, there are enemy combatants trying to destroy everything with an American flag on it. How does the DOD get stuff to those who need it? By using people with “the right stuff,” as seen in this video.

This Vietnam-era “Caribou” cargo plane flies very low and, when it’s time to drop the cargo out of the craft, the plane pitches upward. As soon as the load bay is empty, the airplane then sharply descends. “Big cojones,” as one of the eyewitnesses in the video states.

One Of The World’s Best Drivers On His Ferrari

Posted in Automobiles on March 23, 2012 by RickNews

Juan Pablo Montoya, racer/car reviewer.

From Jalopnik.

Crazy Female Facebook Friends, Part Five

Posted in General Interest on March 22, 2012 by RickNews

The posts below are from a “Facebook friend” of mine, whom I’ve never met.

These posts were made between March 10th and March 19th, 2012.

From what I can deduce, she’s 35 years-old, Jewish, from Philadelphia, and lives nearby in Palm Beach County. She doesn’t have kids, but she does have a dog.

My FAVORITE part about her posts are the capitalized words. You see, crazy people do THIS in their writing because they require MORE attention than the REST of us. 

Oh yeah, she’s into Kabbalah and “mysticism.” ‘Nuff said.

(Her previous posts can be found hereherehere and here.)


Oldies, goodies, and reflections…. I am choosing to hold on to only the good thoughts..:0

Sometimes you just have to JUMP!

This came to my mind this AM: Sometimes we take the fall to assist others to grow.. shining light in places that have been left unseen can seem shocking…Yet it helps ALL to see more than ever imagined… Including US… It may be a thankless job at times, yet in the end, situations and people can shift into butterflies when we leave vs their caterpillar (re)presentation when we arrived…We bring awareness:) hopefully someone shines some our way too from time to time:) deep thoughts, or bs. lol, By [initials redacted]… Ciao… for now… SHINE ONE!

i see “not misfortune”… i see “pre” fortune of future opportunities to grow and succeed…. when opting to be aware and to grow… then we show… by being the change… for all to witness… and then we KNOW… y we are here… then it is time to celebrate and cheer. TOGETHER we stand…. together or partially we may fall… yet through it all…. We shall “lastly” stand tall!

it’s a veggie type of morning… yummy… broccoli. salad….potatoes…green drink…and some… oh wait, i mean A pot… lol… I could never… just doesn’t jive. enjoy yours though, if u wish

Christian Carter is really cool and talks about relationships with such wisdom in my opinion…. Has anyone checked him out?

SUPPORT is MMM MMMM GOOD! xoxox. thanks all…

Wouldn’t it be funny if after we go on our journey(s), we end up back in the same or a similar place that we started from, bc what we had is what we needed all along? Just asking?

Peace amidst the chaos.. Always an option.. You choose… Xo

Surprises and good fortune SHOW UP…

Today, after almost a year, I recognized that evil could just simply be evil… hmm. I am growing up quicker than I thought. lol  a yr ago I didn’t even give it a thought…. I sheltered myself and kept away from it except for a fleeting moment or two… I had no tools to deal with it… like just walking away… now I know… It was a good lesson though… really good that will last me a lifetime….

so do you believe that there really is “NO SELF”? lmk… or that there is and needs to be FULL SELF? lots of people around seem to have differing opinions…

OMG.. I played hard to day AND I worked hard today too. It was all FUN… now sleepy time…

I see like different from most bc I have seen and lived through different types of experiences…. I cannot keep apologizing for the lack of acceptance around me… The part that I love the most is that I really do love the heart I love with, the brain I think with, and the legs I walk with…. Now to only attract a few more “helpful”, understanding, intelligent, POWERFUL, successful, folks to team up with….. NOW this IS MY DREAM COME TRUE……:) now someone will write, that I if I have unaccepting people around me that I must not be accepting myself….I beat someone to the punch…what if it’s timing, the lack of really putting myself out there, and a bit of residual STUCKNESS… then what? lol

Ok.. to all my friends…. I am having a lovely day and I AM EXTREMELY GRATEFUL!!!!

More peace…. I’m a lucky girl… Even though I have hard times too, in the end there’s always U!;)

We often “know better” and yet we opt for the lesson regardless… isn’t that funny…. you gotta pay to play… at least “pay something”.. lmao

Morning Lesson: It seems easier for me to learn lessons from people who communicate in a calm way vs those who scream and throw things…. although, I GET that all stems from a similar emotional place, yet the nervous system patterns and strategies are quite different… Expressing our feelings from a calmer, less destructive place, can usually be quite more effective and less traumatic to the sender’s and the receiver’s body…. food for thought

Later morning lesson: When we stand our position of neutrality, it allows others to express their stuff… sometimes loud, sometimes, soft, sometimes hardly noticeable….. buying into other’s dysfunctionality is not helpful for us or for them…. just remember this… angry people are most likely looking to enroll u in their anger…. show them the way and stay calm…. sometimes it makes them more angry, but when they calm down, they will see themselves more clearly, (hopefully) versus responding to your words that were said in response to their dysfunctional behavior pattern…. ( just an ah-ha) please feel free to share… xo

who knows how to put in a starter??/ lol

Friends and angels POP up… when U FINALLY JUST ASK! simple… why I have always complicated ” simply asking” is beyond me…. oh wait, it was never available… and no one ever knew how to show up back then. Thank goodness, NOW IS NOW!

It takes POWERFUL people to recognize POWERFUL people….and powerful people still have things that they know NOTHING about…. so please treat them kindly … even though it doesn’t seem like they need support or love or anything… ( an insider’s perspective). These people will really appreciate your assistance:) more than u know.

I had the most rewarding experience babysitting a beautiful 2 yr old yesterday…. so much so, that I want to work as a sitter for a bit….. If anyone needs a sweet, fun, happy, insightful, sitter, feel free to inbox me…. Happy kids preferred… may work with the more challenging ones if the situation arise:)

I need a troop of kids.. this was real fun for all…

It’s the yr of overcoming and breaking through OUR FEARS.. Look beneath… a breakdown of fear’s definition .. as an acronym…. interesting….always wished for a few partners in growth.. going along the journey by myself all of these years started to become a bit mundane…

I am walking away from the computer… don’t get worried that i may have fallen into the toilet, or something… ok…. just taking a break..

Freedom equals writing even when u do not hit the send button…. it gets out… even if it is JUST FOR U… which is what it’s all about anyway…. right?:)

So A Maserati Is On TV In Poland, And…

Posted in Automobiles on March 20, 2012 by RickNews

There’s a show on Polish TV called, Zakup Kontrolowany, and in it, they go through the entire car buying experience with a consumer–from the test drive to dealer negotiations.

One recent episode featured an actress who was considering laying out her zlotnies on a Maserati Gran Turismo. Well, this being Poland, you can guess what happens next…

…Or, You Could Buy A Real House

Posted in General Interest on March 19, 2012 by RickNews

The house that, uh, this guy built.

Legendary New York retailer Hammacher Schlemmer–purveyors of the unique and uniquely expensive since the Civil War–are offering this model of Yankee Stadium for a mere $115,000.00!

Handbuilt by the dude you see above, this model is a painstaking rendition of “the house that Ruth built,” circa 1961. Read the rest here, and let us know when you take delivery.

Americans Are The Greatest People On Earth, And This Is Why

Posted in Uncategorized on March 15, 2012 by RickNews

We planted “Old Glory” on the moon. We even played golf up there, too, just to show the rest of the world that we could.

Americans are the greatest people on earth. This video is further proof of that….